BigMak Andaya on NCAA Brawl: “Professionalism, Respect, and Sportsmanship Are Key”

Mark Anthony Andaya did not gear away from the recent NCAA brawl. In a Facebook post earlier today, the actor/professional basketball player also known as “BigMak” shared his two cents. “Every school kid who plays basketball dreams of becoming a varsity player in a big school, and in big leagues like NCAA and or UAAP. Aside from the scholarships, you get to see your face on TV and show your basketball talent live on television and on many social media outlets worldwide,” he began his statement.

“BUT, you represent not just yourself. You represent the name and honor of the school printed on your jersey. You also represent your family’s name and honor, as your surname is proudly seen and read on the back of your jerseys,” he continued.

“People will admire and idolize you, mainly because of your skills and talent. Your family and relatives will always be proudly watching you and supporting you,” Andaya said. “All eyes are on you. Each playing day is a lasting impression… every possession, every situation, every action. You become a public figure. Milyun-milyong tao, lalo na ang mga kabataan, ang nanonood sayo. Nangangarap ding maabot or baka higitan pa and anumang narating mo sa sports career mo ngayon.”

He also emphasized, “People will love you and people will hate you while you’re playing live on TV or social media outlets. People watch you. Kilala ka na! Sikat ka na! It becomes BIGGER THAN YOU now, it’s a REPRESENTATION. You will be judged based on your actions and performances, if you keep doing well, you become an INSPIRATION. A MOTIVATION. You are now a ROLE MODEL. But if not, it’s the total opposite.”

“Professionalism, respect, and sportsmanship are key and very important every step of the way.”

Then, BigMak referenced a quote by Leon Spinks, “opportunity only knocks once.” He added that it sometimes even never comes to others. However, when it does to basketball players, the “fans, distractions, and adversities can either make or break you” and it will take “maturity”. “Napakatagal na panahon at napahirap na pagtitiis at sakripisyo bago maabot ang pangarap. Sa isang iglap lang, pwedeng mawala lahat dahil sa padalos dalos na maling desisyon,” he wrote.

Finally, Andaya left a message to John Amores of JRU Heavy Bombers: “I hope you find a good lawyer, a psychiatrist, a new school to enroll to (pay for your tuition), a family to really guide you better moving forward. Forget basketball, for now, you need to find yourself first. Pray. Pray really, really hard.”

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