Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ: Makers of the BEST BBQ SMOKED RIBS in Manila

Big Daddy Jay's

 Big Daddy Jay’s All -American BBQ : Hugged by smoke, licked by fire and kissed by sauce… that’s how Big Daddy Jay does it!



If you’re one of those adventurous foodies who are always in search for new gastronomical havens here in the metro, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this!  

 Recently we discovered this new gem just a few steps away from Araneta Center…  Located  along 17th Ave corner P.  Tuazon,  is where you’ll find BIG DADDY JAY’S All – American BBQ …  The place which serve the tastiest juicest fall off the bone ribs in this side of the planet!    

 Believe me azzzzz in!!!! You have to take your barkada with you!!!!!

Honestly I was hesitant at 1st and it’s been a long time since I went on a food review due to my busy sked. But since my photography teacher and fellow WIM writer sir James Nicolay blogged about it and told me how great BIG DADDY JAY’S All – American BBQ was… I got really convinced that I had to try and blog about it as well!!

Anyway, allow me to tell you about our recent visit at BIG DADDY JAY’S All – American BBQ to also give you an idea on what to expect when you visit!


 the menu!

I’m not very familiar with the common prices for ribs but according to Sir James, their prices are way more affordable  and better than the others!  A full rack is good for 6 hungry tummies, so that would cost around 100+ per head! Not bad!




1st: You have to… no.. YOU MUST ORDER their pasta!!

BIG DADDY JAY’S Tomato Basil pasta compliments the ribs perfectly! For me it serves as a support/side dish for the super flavorful ribs! It may not have any meat in it, but it’s tasty as it is!




 They also got 2 kinds of chicken wings but I prefer their Buffalo Style chicken wings more! Sweet, savory with a really nice crispy yet tender texture with each bite!



And now may I present to you the star of the show!!! Tadah!!!!!


Big Daddy Jay's 2

  super lean, fall-off the bone deliriously deeper than delicious ribs that are prepared 2 days in advance,  smoked for 6 hours and marinated with secret herbs and spices! A true Labor of Love! naks!! OMG!! I sooo love everything about it!




this is ze SHIIZZNIT!! The next Big thing in town I believe!

photo by ELi




 Oh and don’t forget to ask for more of their homemade Hickory Sauce!!!


Big Daddy Jay's 3

Big Daddy Jay’s ribs are best enjoyed with their down-home sides!







 one week after……



to prove to you how addicted I am now with Big Daddy Jay’s ribs, I even invited my friend Mikey a week after my 1st visit! The experience was the same…. PHENOMENAL!

Mikey became an instant fan!



That time, I also got to talk to the owners more and learned quite a lot of stories about the humble beginnings of Big Daddy Jay’s and also the process and the science in achieving its perfection!

yeah you read it right Biatch!!! PERFECTION! lols


I found out that they actually came from a family who LOVES to eat! hmmm no wonder!! I sooo admire families who love FOOD! I believe families like these are the cooolest and also very tight! Food indeed has this power to bring families together and relationships closer! Ahhhh life is sooo wonderful indeed specially when you get to share meals with your loved ones!

I know that I’ll discover more about Big Daddy Jay’s in the days to come! I can’t stop telling my friends about it! So lukcy to find this new foodie gem and I hope all of you can get to try it soon when in Manila!



Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ

Operations and Store Hours: Fridays & Saturdays ONLY, 6PM to 11PM

61B 17th Avenue, Cubao, 1109 Quezon City, Philippines

mobile number: 0917 300 8435




Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ: Makers of the BEST BBQ SMOKED RIBS in Manila

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