Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ: The Best Ribs in Metro Manila

Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ: The Best Ribs in Metro Manila


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When in Manila, diners usually head out to the more known food districts such as Tomas Morato Avenue and The Fort; however, sometimes the best gastronomical experiences can be discovered when one looks beyond the usual city’s dining areas: BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ is a treasure trove of pleasant surprises–they serve the best ribs I have ever eaten in Metro Manila. Bar none.

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The secret to the scrumptious and flavorful ribs is that the whole slab of ribs is smoked for six hours using a smoker, and, of course, twice rubbed with secret sauce and spices, Ada Cruz Lopez, the owner of BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ, proudly shared with me. Her American brother-in-law Jay Ridgway, taught her and the owners of the resto the secret method and sauces; hence, the ribs that they offer are 100% all-American. (Don’t be fooled by the term BBQ as they refer to slab of ribs in the US, and not skewered small meat cuts as we normally associate the term with) They started offering their huge slab of ribs to the Mercato crowd for about a year before deciding to finally build the resto from ground up beside their house in Cubao, Quezon City. They have received so many great writeups from popular bloggers who joined ultimate taste tests, and, unsurprisingly, their ribs have stolen the show in many of these events. 

BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ held their soft opening last February, offering their delicious offerings on Fridays and Saturdays, from 6PM to 11PM. Most likely, they are on their way to open daily by mid-April.

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Last Friday, my friend Nikki and I had the most pleasant surprise when we were served the select but perfected offerings of BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ. 


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Buffalo Style and Honey Mustard Chicken Wings (P120 for 6 pieces) and the Tomato Basil Pasta (P140)

We were served the chicken wings and pasta first. The wings were perfectly cooked: crunchy and tasty. The sweetness of the Honey Mustard was just right–not too sweet–but we were pretty sure that kids would love this. Our vote, though, goes to the Buffalo Style wings because their spiciness was perfect and they can directly compete with other restos which offer wings as their main dish. We also loved the pasta as it was cooked al dente and, despite the fact that it does not contain meat, it still was very flavorful and the sauce was blended flawlessly. We didn’t complain about the absence of meat because the lack of meat in the pasta was totally made up by the HUMONGOUS slab of ribs that was served in front of us.

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Full Rack (P790) is probably good for 5-6 persons.


The name BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ would probably make more sense when one sees how HUGE the whole slab of ribs is. It’s 1.5 kilos of all-meaty goodness! Unlike other restos which offer ribs, BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ does NOT trim their ribs. The meat cut is regular, and that means MORE juicy meat for you than bones.

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The ribs can be best enjoyed when ordering Down Home Sides: Buttered Rice (P20), and Mixed Veggies and Herbed-Baby Potatoes (both P25)

Just about two months ago, Nikki and I ate a whole slab of ribs in another resto for a much higher price and we were able to finish the whole thing. The full rack of BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ was a force to be reckon with because we could not even finish half of it. And the best thing about it was that, it was thrice tastier and more succulent and yet costs less expensive than the ribs in that other restaurant. That’s how affordable AND delicious BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ is. The smoky flavor was a winner to our palates, as well as the tender mouthwatering fall-off-the-bone flesh of the ribs was perfectly complemented by their home-made sauce.

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 The ribs can be availed Solo Plate(P160) but, of course, BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ is ideal for a group feast!

Overall, the BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ dining experience was AMAZING and full or pleasant surprises. Everything they offered us was nothing short of perfect. But the full slab of ribs was beyond perfect–it was TO DIE FOR.  

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The accommodating and friendly owners of BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ: Ada Cruz Lopez, Ian Cruz and Bong Sulapas.

On behalf of my friend and WhenInManila, thank you, BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ, for the great meal! We can’t wait to go back again and enjoy your delicious ribs and to hear more praises and news of your sure-fire success story in the very near future.

When in Manila, head over to Cubao area (near P. Tuazon Ave) and bring your family and friends for the best ribs you’ll ever eat in Metro Manila in  BIG Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ. 

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Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ

61B 17th Ave (near P. Tuazon Ave), Cubao, Quezon City

For Reservations: 0917 864 2221

Soft Opening until mid-April: Fridays and Saturdays: 6-11PM

After Full Opening: Mondays to Thursdays: 11AM-10PM; Fridays and Saturdays: 11AM-11PM; Sundays: 11AM-3PM

Like their facebook page .


Big Daddy Jay’s All-American BBQ: The Best Ribs in Metro Manila


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