Beyond Basic: Everything Beautiful About Bicol

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If you’re someone looking for great adventure and breathtaking, magical locations, it might surprise you to know there are quite a number of places you can easily drive to and be blown away by…in Bicol.

Yes. Bicol.

I have always heard stories about Bicol, but most of them would be limited to the Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Ruins. So for a Bicol first timer, my expectations were quite high. Yet I still wasn’t exactly sure what else to find there, and boy was I not ready for all the wonders I saw.


This much-talked about place has been photographed many times, but I never really understood just how majestic it actually is until I stood at the entrance of the ampitheater and gazed at its gorgeous architecture.

The stage was cradled right in the middle of the oval steps, with five stone pillars that serve as stage wings, and the ocean as the backdrop. It captures exactly just how a classic arena would feel. Moreoever, the venue echoed and amplified the beautiful sounds of nature; the waves, the birds, and the whispers. One can simply sit here, peacefully, and just breathe.

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The resort is beautifully laid out; each pool is comfortably plotted that even when there are a lot of guests, one can still enjoy and relax. They were all clean and the infinity pool was coupled with a bar where you can sit and chat with the extremely friendly bartenders who would even offer unlimited fish crackers. Haha! Yummy fish crackers with beer or margarita? Heaven!

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And the beach? Oh, the beach. Words fail me for it is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. Yes it’s no Palawan, but for someone who cherishes the harmony of water, wind, and sky, Misibis Bay truly offers endless opportunities for your imagination. A magical place on its own.

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Like a little child, seeing Mayon Volcano reminded me of visiting Disneyland for the very first time. Majestic is what I would call it. One can just stare and admire its beauty and perfection.

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A Mayon visit will not be complete without having to visit the Cagsawa ruins. A historical place that one will only realize just how tragic it must have been, when you set foot on the grounds and see nothing but a belltower left above ground.

While other locations might look good in photos, Mayon is an experience no photo can justify.

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By the way, before passionate me rambles on and on, allow me to remind you to please do yourself a favor and have a Labuyo Mango Shake! It was awesome!

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So here we are with the places I had no clue existed in Bicol! Gorgeous, breathtaking places guaranteed to give you that unique experience! I wish I had more characters but I can only type so much! Haha! But I think my photos will be enough to show why I cant get enough of Bicol.

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For photography lovers like myself, everything was like tapesrtry, beautiful backdrops to capture something as poetic as a dancer moving with the wind.



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Bicol’s answer to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, I was really speechless. In awe at how beautiful the whole 360 was. Definitely unforgettable.

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A small but magical sand bar, this is definitely still unknown to many. Clean, quiet, GORGEOUS! If ever you visit Bicol, make sure you don’t miss this!

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And when you’re with your contemporary dancer friend, it’s just the best backdrop for all those artistic leaps and forms.

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Model: Erick Dizon

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