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When in Manila and planning for a vacation, one of top things we need to plan besides the destination is the hotel we wish to stay in. Thing is, it’s not always easy to find a good hotel at an affordable rate when traveling to a new destination. Moreover, finding a hotel can actually be a burden sometimes. Well, look no further, ‘coz has everything you need.

I used to think that a hotel was not important when traveling, after all, we’ll be out most of the day. I later on realized that a good hotel is like the cherry on top of the ice cream – it makes that dream vacation even better than it already was. Thanks to Agoda, my trip to Coron became so much more memorable! Read more about the things to do in Coron HERE.

Hotels_in_Coron_via_Agoda_WhenInManila_12Coron, Palawan is my piece of heaven on earth!

Agoda has hotels in over 37,000 cities worldwide so there’s a huge chance that they’ve got a hotel in your destined vacation spot. All you need to do is visit their website and input the the needed information such as your destination and your check in dates. will then show you a list of quality hotels in that area for you to pick!

For my Coron adventure, I got to stay at Coron Gateway Hotel thanks to Agoda!

Best Hotels in Coron: Coron Gateway Hotel via Agoda

I’m not sure what other hotels offer this, but Coron Gateway Hotel offers a pick-up and drop-off service to and from the airport. This made me feel even more relaxed as I no longer needed to worry about getting to the hotel. As soon as we landed in Coron, we could already spot the line of drivers with name plaques awaiting us.


Philippe and I approached Kuya Roel when we saw him holding up a sign with our names. He was extremely polite and courteous! He kept quiet during the drive to the hotel but would occasionally ask if we were all okay. He would also gladly answer any “touristy” questions we had about Coron.

Coron Gateway Hotel was about an hour away from the airport and only 5 minutes away from the port area! The location is perfect for tourists ‘coz you’ll be going to the port A LOT to go island hopping, snorkeling, diving, etc. Coron Gateway Hotel and Suites is known as the first and only boutique luxury hotel in Coron Town.  Unfortunately, Coron Gateway Hotel was one of the hotels affected when Typhoon Yolanda hit last November. Despite a few broken roofs, light bulbs and windows, the hotel is still fully operational.

Best_Hotels_in_CoronBest Hotels in Coron: Coron Gateway Hotel (photo taken from

The hotel looks a lot simpler in the morning but is still one of the finest in the town. I had no idea what to expect with our rooms, but as soon as they opened the door, I literally shouted with excitement! …. WOW!!!!

Hotels_in_Coron_via_Agoda_WhenInManila_06Best Hotels in Coron: Coron Gateway Hotel

Hotels_in_Coron_via_Agoda_WhenInManila_07Best Hotels in Coron: Coron Gateway Hotel

Coron Gateway Hotel may not look much from the outside, but I doubt you’d have much to complain about once you step into their high end rooms! See, I knew Agoda wouldn’t let me down! We got the Executive Room at Coron Gateway Hotel which is around 60 sq. meters in size. It’s the second to the largest room and its only difference from the Presidential Suite is the kitchen and living room. There is a sliding door between the comfort room and the bedroom, so if you can easily slide the door open for a little romance with your loved one.

Hotels_in_Coron_via_Agoda_WhenInManila_11Loving our room in Coron Gateway Hotel  (Thanks Agoda!)


Coron Gateway Hotel’s room rates range from P3500 to P8000 depending on the room and whether you pick the bay view or town view. The rooms with the bay view are around P500 more expensive than those with the town view. Each room also has its own balcony, so if I were you, I’d go for the bay view so you can admire the sun set after a long day of exploration.


Keep reading to get an idea on what the other rooms and their restaurant look like!


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