Best Food to Prepare for Your Valentine

With Valentine‘s Day only days away from now, the pressure is on. If you’re single, you are dying to look for a date and impress that date. If you’re in a relationship, the stress is just equal as you have to look for special finds and get your special someone a great and romantic moment on that special day. They are too spoiled, huh? Yeah right, we do everything for the one we love. In this day of hearts, why not prepare food for your valentine? In this article, we will list down the five best foods you can make to make your date feel delighted without paying so much.

Top Romantic “Cheap” Food

1. On the “Chicken Wings” of Love






Get into the tunes and sing this: “On the wings of love, up and above the clouds together flying high…” But add the word “chicken” in between. Chicken wings are the easiest to cook and they can be delicious even with simple ingredients. They are one of the best festive food out there that you can buy from any market and grocery. They can be eaten while you’re in the couch, over a dining table or in the garden where you can enjoy intimate moments together. Chicken wings are finger food that can even get you all drooling if you spice it up with sauces.

2. Heart-shaped Sushi

Go Japanese with sushi that is heart-shaped. Sushi common components are only Japanese rice, seaweed paper, cucumber, mango and tuna. You can buy a can of tuna and fresh mangoes then slice them until they fit into the sushi roll. Cook the rice in perfection and manage to form all the ingredients mentioned to a sushi. The key here is to have more rice to make up the sides of the sushi so when you slice them into pieces, you will have enough allowance to cut a small bit to form a heart.

3. Sweet Flower Cupcakes

flower cupcakes


Create inventive designs of cupcakes and make them into a flower bouquet. How? You just have to buy a set of standard ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar and flour to make the cupcake. And of course, you would need a baking oven. For the icing on top, form layers of swirls until it appears like a rose. Make about twelve of them to form a dozen and place your masterpiece inside a box. Offer it to your date and she will be surprised to find flowers she can eat.

4. Bacon Taco Shell

Tacos are all-time food favorites of most people. If your date is fond of eating Mexican food, tacos are the way to go. To make a twist, pair the bacon taco shell with burger meat topped with multiple cheeses and sauces. For the dressing, instead of putting salsa, tomatoes or catsup, place avocados. This can be a good reason for your date to smile and be amazed at your work of ingenuity until the time they sleep or maybe because of her amazement, she won’t be able to sleep at all. On the other hand, you would surely like it as well—if you did it right. The bacon taco shell can be your reason to give up on your New Year’s resolution that is to take less succulent meat and have a good diet.

5. Oh-so-cheesy Pizza

You can be cheesy, literally this time with your homemade pizza. Pizzas are easy to create. You only need an oven, mozzarella cheese, dough, tomato sauce and others like pepperoni, pineapples, bell peppers, button mushrooms, onions, and any meat or seafood for toppings. Wait for about an hour and present this majestic pizza with a puffy pan. Top it with more cheese, salt and pepper and it’s good to go.

While there are many ways to impress your valentine, one of them is to cook and prepare food to satisfy their stomach. Choose any one in the list, say a little prayer for good luck and make this an unforgettable day for this person.

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Best Food to Prepare for Your Valentine

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