BEST Dory Fish Seafood Dish at Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar and Restaurant BGC

When in Manila… well…. WOW!!!

I swear this was the BEST Seafood dish I’ve ever had! You need to go to Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar and Restaurant in BGC and try out their Creamy Dory Fish!

Here’s the exact menu entrée:

Cream Dory stuffed with Bleu Cheese and Shrimp topped with Mozzarella Cheese covered with Hollandaise and Bleu Cheese Sauce” for only Php600.

It was just superb! I had nothing but compliments for the chef after trying that amazing dish! The creamy sauce with the uber tender Dory Fish along with the torched Mozzarella Cheese plus the Bleu Cheese and Shrimp just made that completely mindblowing! Foodgasm galore!

Anyway, I got a bit excited with that Creamy Dory Dish…. Let me give you guys a proper intro now…

In the global world of wine, France is indisputably the headquarters. Most of the wines in the world market, across the quality spectrum from budget to boutique labels, are modeled after a French classic or paradigm. Red wine producers all look to the French Bordeaux as their paradigm. White wine producers model their wines after French white burgundy. Sparkling wine producers likewise emulate the famous French champagne.

It is the vision of Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar to offer the opportunity to experience these French archetypal wines in the Philippines. They have an extensive selection of wines from the different wine regions of France showcasing different grape varieties and blends that give French wine its distinct flavor. Each bottle will offer something new and distinct, reflecting the wine makers’ signature styles.

You will discover the vital role of the wine maker in transforming a simple fruit into a drink that can somehow touch the emotions and linger for decades in the memory of the drinker.

Enjoy your experience with French wine along with an array of savory entrees, an assortment of grilled meats and sausages, and choice selections of cheeses. At Bordeaux French Wine Bar, it’s all about having a total wine and food pairing experience.

A votre santé! Bon appétit!

We went to check out the Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar in Burgos Circle at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and to say we were pleasantly surprised by our food would be an understatement.

I was hanging out with Dani of and Hannah of, and we were stuffed beyond belief after trying out three of their signature dishes.

We started the night off at Bordeaux with some Les Aperitifs (appetizers) in the form of the Gambas Ala Rochelle, which was Spicy Shrimps cooked in Bordeaux Special sauce for Php310

Along with the Shrimp Gambas Ala Rochelle, we had the Grilled Lettuce and Beef Salad, a dish with assorted grilled lettuce and beef in honey, mustard, and balsamic vinegar for Php215.

Already completely satisfied with the yummy starters, we then got to try the other main entrées like the Chicken Marinated in Rosemary and Paprika Simmered in Cream Sauce (Php365)

The mashed carrots that come with the dish complement the flavorful food well.

Also at Bordeaux in the Fort Bonifacio Global City, we tried the Beef Top Round Braised in Demiglace Red Wine Reduction  Sauce with Mushroom over Spaghetti noodles at Php480.

As mentioned above, we had the Cream Dory stuffed with Bleu Cheese and Shrimp topped with Mozzarella Cheese covered with Hollandaise and Bleu Cheese Sauce, as well, which was my favorite of the night!

We ended the evening with the Mango Jubilee dessert.

I wanted to thank our friends from NuffNang Philippines and our new friend Edge for hosting us that evening! It was truly a wonderful and yummy delight for us!

When in Manila, head to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and check out this very sophisticated and classy restaurant called Bordeaux. Of course, you need to try out my favorite dish here, the Cream Dory stuffed with Bleu Cheese and Shrimp topped with Mozzarella Cheese covered with Hollandaise and Bleu Cheese Sauce! It’s a mouthful, but your tummy will love you for it later on!

Bordeaux Premium French Wine Bar and Restaurant

Unit F Bellagio II, Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive corner Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

4036554 / 09157431594 / 09209059329

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