Best Baguio Hotel: The Manor at Camp John Hay!




 Best Baguio Hotel? The Manor at Camp John Hay!



Another week, another story… and this time, your resident dynamic duo and Sooo Pinoy’s Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger team will take you up north to the Best Baguio hotel and the perfect place to capture the very essence of Baguio City, the City of Pines! – The Manor at Camp John Hay!

As you all may know, Frank and I have been touring around the archipelago in search of the best places possible just to recommend on where you should spend your well deserved vacations and spend quality time with your loved ones. Of course, since Baguio City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, it is a MUST for to recommend the Best Baguio hotel for you!


Many of our readers have been asking us about our recommended place to stay in Baguio City so we’ve decided to really make time for this just to make sure we can provide you with all the details you need and show you why The Manor at Camp John Hay is the Best Baguio hotel!


In order to pick the BEST Baguio hotel, we had to consider not just the price, amenities, service, quality of rooms and food but most especially that over-all ultimate Baguio experience! Picking a hotel along the famous Session Road would be very easy but personally we thought that to capture the real essence of the City of Pines, you ought to surround yourself with as much pine trees, lush greens as you can and immerse yourself to as much natural beauty and fresh air during your whole stay. Camp John Hay is the perfect place for that no doubt and of course… The Manor Hotel being the most prestigious and trusted of all was the #1 place to consider!


In picking the Best Baguio hotel, we opted for a trusted name when it comes to hospitality excellence and The Manor at Camp John Hay is the name that can truly deliver!


I’ve heard so many tales about The Manor in Camp John Hay before. Tales about its grandeur, its magnificence and the very prestigious Le Chef restaurant which has garnered so many adoring fans over the years! I’ve been very curious for quite some time and quite skeptical as well. As you know, we’re very careful with the places we feature, for we always make sure they are worthy of our valuable time and credibility. By the time we arrived in chilly Baguio that morning and as soon as we entered its doors, I knew then that we were once again at the perfect place!


We won’t keep you waiting for long so brace yourselves for another set of picturesque and drool worthy shots from the BEST Baguio Hotel, The Manor at Camp John Hay!

actual photo upon check-in…

Majestic Mornings
My idea before of a perfect breakfast aside from sharing it with someone special would be indulging onto any simple meal that is surrounded by lush greens, colorful blooms and soft rays from the sun…. our experience at The Manor at Camp John Hay however blew us away. It was my 1st ever time to have breakfast  while seeing sooo many birds flying by. Hearing their sweet melodies as well as the rustling  leaves from the trees made the entire experience so magical! Also, it was my 1st ever time to see butterflies landing on our table…. upon witnessing that, I instantly fell in-love. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for us!
Their breakfast  buffet is available daily for only 550php!
 the resident playful feathered friends of The Manor at Camp John Hay
We were blessed with warm sunny rays that morning so after that sumptuous filling breakfast buffet at Le Chef, we decided to take a stroll at their dreamy colorful garden. It felt like being in the garden of Eden. All the other guests seemed to be so delighted to be there… it was just a really happy place to be in. I’m so glad we were at The Manor at Camp John Hay, the Best Baguio hotel!
 had one of our best morning strolls so far…..
 we were at shutterbug heaven!
never deprive your loved ones with life’s pleasures such as these…
treat them to an authentic Baguio experience at The Manor at Camp John Hay – The undisputed Best Baguio Hotel!


A place you can call home
The Manor at Camp John Hay’s interiors and rooms looked and felt so homey that we can only say good things about it. Their wooden walls and furniture gave us this really cozy homey feel!! Impressive on how they are able to maintain their high standard in being classified as a Triple A resort which is equivalent to a 5-Star Hotel
meet their very warm and friendly staff
spend intimate meaningful conversations with your loved ones by their fireplace
country-homey feel. I love the ambiance of the whole place!
The rooms at The Manor at Camp John Hay are very well maintained and up to date to satisfy your needs. Expect all the amenities of a 5-Star hotel plus breathtaking outdoor views  of either the grand garden or forest. Another amazing thing  about it is that, their rooms are not air-conditioned meaning, you get to savor Baguio‘s cool pristine breeze during your entire stay!
very up to date with industry standards!
everything looked so neat and chic down to the last detail
I’d like to suggest though that they change their shampoo or provide conditioner as well.
 We felt so at home that we even decided to have breakfast  inside the room the next day!
2 Bedroom Family Suite
The Manor at Camp John Hay is truly perfect for families! I heard they already have quite a lot of returning loyal guests who spend entire holidays there! I’m not really surprised to know this! Even I am convinced that this is the perfect place to bond with your loved ones with its stunning views and ultra comfortable rooms! Truly the BEST Baguio Hotel!
Families usually book these 2 Bedroom Family Suites. It has a master’s bedroom, another bedroom with 2 beds, a dining area, a living room plus a fireplace aside from other VIP privileges.
 the master’s bedroom
extra rooms for the kids
 the dining area
 the living room
A Special Treat for your Special Someone: Avail of The Manor at Camp John Hay’s Satin Night Package!
Baguio City is well known for being the ultimate honeymoon destination so of course, the Best Baguio Hotel, The Manor at Camp John Hay has a package which is well suited for all you couples who would like to spend an unforgettable romantic weekend in the City of Pines!
how about a room adorned with rose petals and candles?
The Manor at Camp John Hay‘s Satin Night Package guarantees you with an unforgettable romantic experience!


the Satin Night Package also come with servings of chocolates, fruits and Champagne for 2 to turn on that romantic mood!
nothing beats spending romantic nights at The Manor at Camp John Hay
 Enjoy an unforgettable romantic dinner at Le Chef!
Never a Dull Moment
Come rain or come shine, Baguio City is still the best place to spend your well deserved vacation. Believe it or not, we didn’t leave the hotel during our entire stay due to heavy rains, yet we never got bored due to the many things that can be seen and done right inside the hotel! We never felt deprived of the Baguio “feel!”
The Manor at Camp John Hay is fully equipped with all the luxurious amenities a Triple A resort has!
 visit the gym anytime if you feel the need to work out
 indulge in their relaxing spa treatments. Just visit them at the ground floor and the friendly Ma’am Vermon will gladly assist you!
 visit their deli shop and devour onto their specialty cakes and breads
 we guarantee that there is nothing not delicious at Le Chef!
you may also buy unique Baguio made items to bring home at Narda’s souvenir shop
Chill at the Piano Bar 
The Piano Bar at The Manor provides this perfect mood if you wish to hangout and enjoy some cocktails and drinks with your loved ones. They also have performers to serenade you all evening keeping you all warm and cozy as you savor Baguio’s cool night breeze.
 we enjoyed listening to their songs a lot that we couldn’t help but sing along
 be sure to ask their bartender to mix up come concoctions for you!
i loved the atmosphere at The Piano Bar that night. People were just chilling and having a great time! The crowd was composed of yuppies, couples and even a family celebrating their parent’s Silver wedding. The Manor at Camp John Hay truly serves as a second home for people who ought to have an authentic Baguio experience.
The Le Chef : Where food is DEEPER THAN DELICIOUS and every meal CELESTIAL!
Oh! Le Chef! I’m just so in-love with this restaurant that we look forward in tasting more of their specialties in the days to come. Seriously, the Le Chef is now on the list of our top restos. Apart from the great ambiance, the food is deeper than delicious! I almost cried on each course!!! The experience was just phenomenal!  We believe that Le Chef plays a very huge part in the success of The Manor at Camp John Hay because they complete and compliment the overall satisfying experience of the whole stay. No matter how posh or elegant the place is, if the food isn’t satisfying enough, the whole experience won’t be that pleasant. Food really plays a huge part!
their staff is always there, ready to attend to your every need
 they got a fantastic selection of dishes for their buffets
 enjoyed  one the best romantic dinners at Le Chef
Enjoy dreamy romantic nights The Manor at Camp John Hay! Perfect for dinner dates!
The Manor at Camp John Hay stands ever majestic any time of the day!
 Le Chef guarantees that perfect romantic ambiance for an unforgettable night
The Forest Lodge
Because the people behind The Manor at Camp John Hay‘s aim for excellence, here’s something to look forward to in September,  the grand opening of yet another ideal place to stay in BaguioThe Forest Lodge which is only a few steps away from The Manor! Like The Manor, the Forest Lodge provides you with the same service and comfort as to what The Manor currently offers…..
a look at the Forest Lodge’s lobby
 the rooms at The Forest Lodge look very much alike with The Manor at Camp John Hay. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the same world-class quality amenities and services which The Manor at Camp John Hay provides for less the cost
the living room at The Forest Lodge‘s 1 bedroom suite 
 Meet the wonderful accommodating staff of the Forest Lodge
Irresistible promos for you!
WOW!! Who could ever resist these irresistible promos? Their rooms are now made even more affordable for all of us to enjoy so be sure to book your stays asap!
 this promo is available until October 15 so be sure to book asap!
Come rain or come shine, Baguio City still reigns as the best place to relax and unwind. Personally, I prefer going there during the rainy season because I can truly experience that “chill” which I never get here in Manila. Also, it is not as crowded during these months so you can enjoy a very solemn stay at the City of Pines.
For us, the best places to stay would be those establishments which already have perfected their craft and has stood the test of time. Yes, there may be new hotels being opened in Baguio with new rooms, new furniture and promising great stays but realistically speaking, they still have a long way to go to match what hotels like The Manor at Camp John Hay have already established. The best advice we can give you is to go for a trusted name like The Manor at Camp John Hay! Furthermore, if you will stay at a place with a top-notch restaurant as great as Le Chef, then surely it will all be worth your hard-earned money! =)
So for us here at, the Best Baguio hotel  is no doubt The Manor at Camp John Hay!

 The Manor at Camp John Hay

Loakan Road, Baguio City
Philippines 2600

 (074) 424 0931,

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Best Baguio Hotel: The Manor at Camp John Hay!

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