Benihana: The Best Japanese Steakhouse in ‘Merica

Benihana: The Best Japanese Steakhouse in ‘Merica


When in ‘Merica it’s difficult to find good traditional Japanese food, however, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Benihana. It’s a hibachi style restaurant, so it’s sure to entertain you and fill up your stomach at the same time.

Entrance to Benihana

Entrance to Benihana

Benihana is a traditional Japanese hibachi style restaurant that serves steak, seafood and of course sushi.  The place is quite fancy. When you first walk in, it gives you this outdoor Japanese park vibe. There’s even a waterfall and a mini lake inside and some bridges to cross to get around the place.  It looks amazing! It will make you feel like you are really outdoors, especially when they do the fireworks that you can see in the background here:

firework show

Firework Show and Sushi Bar


Onion Valcano

Onion Volcano

I went last Tuesday with my family to celebrate my mother’s birthday, and we all had the best time. We weren’t expecting anything that happened that night. It was such a different experience from all of the other hibachi restaurants I’ve ever been to. Our chef was amazing with all the flipping and tossing of food. And not to mention all the cheesy jokes he would say! We were all laughing throughout the night! It was like we went to a comedy show and got food! Food and a show, what more can you ask for?!

Special Message for My Mothrer

Special Message for My Mother

I’m not gonna lie: this place is quite expensive, so make sure you’ve got money for it. It’s worth every penny, though. The food here is delicious and the entertainment will crack you up! And to make it even better, the atmosphere in this place and customer service is superb! At the end of the night, they even gave each of us free ice cream for my mother’s birthday.


Mango Punch (Tropical Mix of Cruzan Ginger Infused Rum, Cruzan Mango Rum, Orange Curacao,Orange Juice and Fresh Lemon Juice with a Splash of Raspberry Syrup) $8.95



Pina Colada (10 Cane Rum with Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk and Fresh Pineapple) in a porcelain souvenir Buddha mug: $11.95

I absolutely loved this place and I will definitely be back! It’s the perfect place to go to for any special occasions or for just a fun and different dinner experience. 

Benihana Roll and California Roll: $8.95 each

Benihana Roll (Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, smelt egg) and California Roll (Crabmeat, Avocado, Cucumber): $8.95 each


Teriyaki Steak: $29.95

Teriyaki Steak: $29.95

Each entree is served with your choice of fried rice or plain rice, as well as shrimp and zucchini for appetizers, a side of onion soup, fresh salad and hot tea. We all ordered fried rice, which came with chicken, eggs and some veggies.

My boyfriend ordered the teriyak steak, which is a thin sliced steak, scallions and mushrooms sizzle in a homemade teriyaki sauce. I ordered the Benihana special which is a Hibachi steak paired with a cold water lobster tail. 

Benihana Special: $47.95

Benihana Special: $47.95

To sum it all up, when in ‘Merica and you’re looking for some good food and entertainment in one, just head to Benihana and you sure won’t be disappointed! I know I wasn’t!



Benihana: The Japanese Steakhouse


3000 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109





Benihana: The Best Japanese Steakhouse in ‘Merica