Benicio del Toro Will Voice Swiper in ‘Dora the Explorer’

Last August, it was announced that the motion picture adaptation of Nickelodeon’s children’s animated series ‘Dora the Explorer’ had begun principal photography on location in Australia. Now, a new cast member has been announced and it is none other than the award-winning Benicio del Toro.

That’s right. Benicio is set to voice the infamous fox villain, Swiper. If you watch the show, you should know that Swiper shows up in practically every episode trying to steal important items that Dora needs on her adventures. In order to stop Swiper’s plans, Dora (and the kids at home) have to say “Swiper, no swiping!” three times. When she succeeds, you can usually hear Swiper go, “Oh, man!” And when she fails, you can hear him shout, “You’re too late!” or “You’ll never find it now!”

We don’t know just how much the movie will follow the cartoons, but we sure are excited to see how Benicio del Toro plans to voice Swiper.

In Philippine cinemas August 2019, ‘Dora the Explorer’ will be distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures:

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