Ben Francia Will Be Sharing His Secret Again

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Ben Francia brings back “The Secret to Getting Customers and Clients Online”

When in Manila,  you’ll notice that Digital Marketing is now one of the most widely-used medium in this crowded marketing landscape. The use of internet-connected devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones and even game consoles to engage consumers with online advertising is now a must for every company who wishes to establish a strong online presence and attract the billions of people on social networks. If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing strategies that really works, then you can’t miss attending this upcoming seminar.

Ben Francia, an Internet Marketing Consultant and Outsourcing Expert with 11 years experience in the Internet Industry is having another workshop on the 30th of January! This is actually Ben Francia‘s second offering of the seminar/workshop ‘The Secret to Getting Customers and Clients Online”. The first one was a huge success and demands for a rerun were so high that Ben Francia had to offer it once again.

Find out how Ben Francia made a living using the Internet. Learn in this 3-hour Seminar Workshop his SECRET in Digital Marketing that allowed him to get Loyal Customers and Clients Online and earn a regular stable income that is more than enough to sustain his family and lifestyle. You too can be successful online … You Can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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 A great T-shirt that say “Make It Happen”


Read about the testimonials of attendees from his first seminar:

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience Ben Francia. Attending your seminar sure made me learn practical tips that I was able to use when I returned to my work. Attendees are sure to bring home something of value after listening and asking questions to you” – Jorge Dollisen

“When it comes to business success in the internet, you’ll learn a lot from Ben Francia. He will make it painless for beginners and inspiring for entrepreneurs. He’s so generous with his knowledge and experience, there’s nothing that he’ll keep from you. Learn the “secret sauce” from the man!” – Cecile Adriano Ilagan

“Attended the first seminar and really learned a lot from it… Coming from a non techie, this made me aware of the need to be present on the net. Thank you Ben Francia, for making this happen!” – Chinky Bautista

Check out the video below:

 The Secret To Getting Customers and Clients Online

Find out more about Ben Francia at

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Ben Francia Will Be Sharing His Secret Again

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