Beef, Bacon, and Beyond: Say Hello to the NEW Big B Burgers

Beef, Bacon, and Beyond: Say Hello to the NEW Big B Burgers!

Earlier this year, we welcomed the opening of Big B Burgers at their humble, little burger joint at Magiting St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. Back then, they had an interesting (albeit limited) menu comprising only of their signature Big B Burger (bacon x beef), the Bam Burger (beef x spam), some fries, and some drinks.

Big B Burgers

Poutine ng Ina Mo and the Bam Burger: Big B classics.


Wait, wait. Before we proceed further, just a little history: believe it or not, Big B Burgers began as a burger deliver service. Founders Joelle Yuvienco, 23, and Erik Galvez, 24, started delivering burgers for org events and activities during November, 2013. They juggled their time, academic work (they’re graduates now!), and soon-to-be-business, serving customer demands only on Tuesdays and Thursdays or whenever they had time. Despite gaining fame for their one-of-a-kind burgers, their burger service’s hirap mahagilap-nature (brought on by their hectic personal schedules) earned their burgers the nickname Dark Horse Burgers.


Big B Burgers

Friends-turned-co-owners: Joelle, Erik, and Pibo of Big B Burgers


After setting up their first (spoiler!) branch in Magiting St. near food street Maginhawa on July 7, they never looked back. And by that, I mean they were destined for success. How else to start a streak of success than by WINNING the Maginhawa Street People’s Choice Award during the recently held Quezon City Food Festival last October 11, 2014?

And of course, they didn’t stop there.

To celebrate their brainchild’s one-year anniversary last November 15, Big B Burgers‘ founders Joelle, Erik, and fellow co-owner Pibo Bagadion, 22, decided to reopen Big B Burgers, levelling up almost everything about their humble burger joint: the place, the logo, and of course, THE FOOD. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the new face of Big B Burgers!

Big B Burgers

It has “slick” written all over it.

Big B Burgers

Big B Burgers

Big B Burgers
I personally love what they did with the place. Again, slick.


I mentioned they have new stuff on their menu, right?  Here they are, represented by my personal favourites: the Balls Balls and the Bongga Burger! And seriously, you’ve got to try the Pink Potion w/ Feelings. Oh, and try A Random Shake! It’s best for me (and you) not to give a lot of details on the new stuff because you literally have to try them all. Yes, even the One Pound servings of the burgers. 


Big B Burgers

Big B’s latest offerings, everybody!

Big B Burgers

Balls Balls. Because we all know why one “Balls” isn’t enough. 

Big B Burgers

The NEW Bongga Burger: 50% beef, 50% longganisa, 100% DELICIOUS.

Big B Burgers

Pink Potion. If you’re gonna order this, order the one “with feelings”. You’ll thank me later.

Also, if you and your friends are up for it, you may want to break the Burgatory Barrier. Get full, get discounts, get memorialized on their Wall of Fame.


Big B Burgers

One pound. Two buddies. Three minutes. (Four visits to the comfort room.)

The new Big B is packed with a lot of surprises for you, thanks to the owners’ persistent effort to innovate and go beyond expectations, while just having fun with what they’re doing at the same time, that is, according to them, providing a quality, unique burger experience.

Big B Burgers


They shared with us that they’re planning to open up branches in Cavite and somewhere near UST (watch out, Tigers!) sometime soon. We hope for the success of their venture, of course! We can’t wait for what they have to offer next!

On October 11, 2014, over 80 establishments along Maginhawa Street participated in the first-ever Quezon City Food Festival. The event was organized as part of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of Quezon City.

ZAP was one of the major sponsors, and ran the festival’s official People’s Choice Award, a search for attendees’ favorite establishment in Maginhawa. Big B won by a landslide. You can now earn 5% CashBack at Big B and 500+ other establishments including a number in the Maginhawa area, through ZAP.


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44-B Magiting St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City


Twitter and Instagram: @bgbbrgrs


Photos by: Chelsea Eichel Dauz



Beef, Bacon, and Beyond: Say Hello to the NEW Big B Burgers!


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