Bee Choo Origin Philippines: the Safe Way to Organically Beautiful Hair

If I have to summarize the message behind the products and service of Bee Choo Origin, it will be this: Beautiful hair does not have to hurt.



From its famous success in Singapore, the Bee Choo experience is now available in the Philippines. I recently visited their branch in SM North EDSA to check out the veracity of the Singaporean hype.


It did not disappoint. It exceeded my expectations.

The salon was cozy but complete in its facilities. They don’t do haircuts, hair rebonding services, and other things that one-stop shop salons provide. They specialize on the purely herbal hair treatment, which permanently darkens white hair strands and helps foster hair growth in the natural way. It’s like a hair spa, but it’s organic.



The mud-colored mixture applied to my hair was a mixture of Chinese herbs. Even pregnant women can have the treatment without problems.


I was even told that one of the bosses of Bee Choo Philippines can even demonstrate to customers that it’s food grade quality or edible. It tastes bitter but according to him “If it’s safe to go inside my mouth, it’s safe to go to your hair and scalp.” The staff who work in the salon are also kind-hearted and caring people, which makes it a really comfortable place to go to.


My hair smelled like Lipton tea but it feels good and cooling to the scalp. They steamed my hair for the standard time of 45 minutes. Sometimes, it can take up to an hour or as quick as 30 minutes depending on the customer’s preferences during their treatment. The price starts at 999 for typical male hair and the price goes up to 1,800 depending on length and volume of hair.


After the 45-hour steam, they shampooed my hair using one of their bestselling products. Due to my constant shifting while lying down, some of the mud mixture accidentally slid towards my eye. I braced myself for a stinging sensation but there was none. It did not hurt at all. There were no harsh chemicals that are harmful to the eyes. The entire mixture can in fact cover my face and not do any damage to my skin.


Prior to the treatment, I had damaged hair from lack of maintenance. I did very little for my hair after a good hair coloring job last year and a subsequent impulsive haircut that surrendered my mermaid hair to awkward medium-length limpness. The outcome was very pleasant after I stepped out of Bee Choo’s wellness center. Even days after the salon visit, my hair only got shinier and softer.


Apart from the hair treatment, they also do a scalp analysis to monitor the progress of treating dandruff, hair loss, white hair, and other hair problems. They also recommended a customized set of products to try at home to keep the hair in good condition. I maintained the positive effects of my hair treatment with the Bee Choo purity removed organic shampoo and the rebuilder leave-on and after-shower hair cream. Although their shampoo was not as bubbly or filled with the usual thick lather found in normal shampoos, it provided my hair with a unique shine and softness. It was as if my color-damaged and ill-maintained hair became “revirginized” by the combination of the hair treatment and the products. The rebuilder cream is not sticky and it smells divine. I thought that I will need weeks to feel the effects, but results were felt as fast as 3 days of use.


There are currently five branches of Bee Choo Origin in Metro Manila and it’s truly worth the trip for a new, genuine, sustainable, and pain-free hair pampering experience.

Bee Choo Origin Philippines

5/F The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
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