Beauty and The Bride (A Workshop) @ Bistro NYC



When in Manila had an afternoon of fun and girl bonding experience last September 1 at Bistro NYC together with 30+ other beautiful brides!


Giveaways for each participant



It was an afternoon dedicated to all brides and future brides. There were talks and hands on exercises for everyone that day.


Beautiful Brides


Ladies signing up for Sample Room—one of the sponsors

Sample Room is an online shop wherein you can get a bunch of samples and all you need to do is pay for the shipping fee! Everything else is free! All you need to do is review the product after you use it. How cool is that?


Testing/checking the right shade of clothes for your skin tone/type


My Color Palette—SPRING and flyers from Sample Room!

I was under the SPRING team! The colors on top are the clothes which will compliment my skin. They said these colors will not make me look tired or stressed when I wear them. 


Monique Ong, our host for the day

After chatting and getting acquainted with our seatmates, the workshop/seminar started.


Explaining how our Color Palettes works

Each slide was very informative to us as they explain how we can look and be our best on our wedding day!


Explaining our body shape/type 

Everyone was all ears when they started to explain how we can determine what shape/type our body is. We had an activity with our seatmate wherein we measured each portion of our body with a measuring tape, and from there we determined our body shape/type.

They discussed the attires and clothes which will suit and compliment each shape.


Yummy food for everyone! Thanks to Bistro NYC at Mall of Asia 

As the speakers shared their thoughts and comments, delicious food was served to each bride.

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