Meet the Beauties of Miss Earth 2016 and Merrell’s #PrettyStrong Campaign

Miss Earth 2016 candidates have more to say beyond their faces and bodies as Merrell, an international brand for hiking shoes and apparel, teams up with the prestigious pageant, promoting their #PrettyStrong campaign.

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The said international environmental-themed beauty pageant has been on the run to empower women while advocating the preservation of Mother Earth. This year, Miss Earth is centered on climate change with the theme “Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and Respect”.

Miss Earth 2016 Beauties Support Merrell's #PrettyStrong Campaign

Having the same concern for the environment, Miss Earth features four women of beauty and substance who are strong advocates of environment preservation – perfect for Merrell’s “Pretty Strong” campaign.

Delegates from Croatia, Malta, Guadeloupe, and Cook Islands share that becoming pretty strong is more than just possessing beauty; it takes confidence and strong character to pursue their advocacy.


“If we leave a trace behind, make that trace positive; teach people how to behave because we must think about (the) future generation,” said Miss Croatia Nera Torlak, commenting that she feels comfortable wearing Merrell shoes while doing the photo shoot.

Miss Malta Natalya Galdes

For Miss Malta Natalya Galdes, a pretty strong woman has a strong character and wants to experience a lot of adventures. “If we all unite, together we can help save Mother Earth,” she says.

Galdes shares that she wanted to bring home the pair of Merrell shoes she wore during the shoot. Despite being flat-footed, she found the shoes comfortable.


Becoming a good model to people is a vital step when it comes to preserving the environment and Miss Guadeloupe Meghan Monrose agrees. “It’s important to inspire people to take care of the environment and not leave trash.” She found the Merrell shoes she wore very comfortable, saying that the shoes were amazing.


To be a pretty strong woman, Miss Cook Islands Allanah Herman-Edgar believes it must come from within, adding that people should start doing little changes in themselves for the world to get into something better.

When purchasing shoes, Herman-Edgar believes that people look for style and comfort and she believes that Merrell shoes meet the two qualities.

Through the brand’s Pretty Strong campaign, Merrell empowers women to be driven, passionate, goal-oriented and movers in their own right. Watch the video below as Miss Earth candidates embody this perfectly in their steadfast promotion of a sustainable world.



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