Meet the 6 Pretty Strong Women of Miss Philippines Earth 2016

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but more and more of today’s women have goals of getting stronger. More and more women are climbing mountains, heading to the gym and inspiring others to become fitter, healthier, braver, more confident and more passionate versions of themselves.

I recently met a few women who are doing exactly that – not just by taking good care of themselves, but by doing what they can to make a difference in the world.

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Each candidate of Miss Philippines Earth 2016 champions an environmental advocacy to protect the great outdoors. Meet the pretty strong women of Miss Philippines Earth 2016 here and get to know their advocacies of choice:

The 6 Pretty Strong Women of Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Jan Louise Abejero, Miss Quezon City

Jan Louise Abejero Miss Quezon City Miss Philippines Earth 2016

For Jan, being ‘Pretty Strong’ means embracing both the good things and the imperfections. “Your strengths and weaknesses—kiss them. They make you you. Never compare yourself to others—they are different.” Jan keeps busy by spreading awareness and supporting the fight against climate change. She believes that saving nature saves the future.

Bellatrix Tan, Miss Zamboanga

Bellatrix Tan Miss Zamboanga Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Bellatrix thinks a pretty strong woman is someone who is confident enough to face every obstacle in life, one who is perpetually optimistic and knows that she can do all things if she just believes and has the courage to pursue what she wants. Bellatrix believes that everything starts within our homes and our families, which is why she promotes the idea of families planting trees together to save the Earth.

“Without a doubt, I have always been impressed with Merrell shoes’ comfort and quality,” she says.

Shannon Rebbeca Bridgman, Miss Rosales, Pangasinan

Shannon Rebbeca Bridgman Miss Rosales Pangasinan Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Shannon believes a pretty strong woman is someone who is confident, grounded, and sticks to her principles. “I think that fighting for what you believe in is a quality of an empowered person,” she says. “And that is what makes you a Merrell woman.” Shannon believes that environmental conservation should start in elementary education. As such, she has been visiting elementary schools in Rosales to teach children how to properly dispose of waste.

“I found my Merrell hiking boots comfortable and durable, especially after long hours of trekking,” she shares.

Ellyz Santos, Miss Laoang, Northern Samar

Ellyz Santos Miss Laoang Northern Samar Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Ellyz believes that a pretty strong woman is someone who is not afraid of challenges, someone who seeks adventure, goes beyond the box, and enjoys life.” Ellyz plans to promote ecotourism through responsible traveling and recycling programs.

Ellyz admits that she hasn’t tried Merrell yet, but says that she wants a pair because she has heard nice things from her friend on how it can be used for adventures, like trekking, biking, and more.

Kiara Giel Gregorio, Miss London

Kiara Giel Gregorio Miss London Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Kiara says a beautiful mind and a strong heart makes a pretty strong woman. Her campaign is called One With the Earth and has three main objectives which sums up her advocacies: to teach skills, influence minds and build the future.

Kiara shares that she was given a pair of Merrell winter boots for her birthday a couple of years ago. “I love them for two main reasons: comfort—which makes me feel like I’m walking on air during cold winter months—and the fact that they have amazing soles which comes in handy when walking through hard sheets of ice.”

Imelda Bautista Schweighart, Miss Puerto Princesa City

Imelda Bautista Schweighart Miss Puerto Princesa City Miss Philippines Earth 2016

Apart from honing her skills, Imelda thinks that being ‘Pretty Strong’ involves knowing what she wants and aiming for it. “I think that building inner strength helps me reach my goals,” she adds. Imelda fights for soil protection from chemically engineered seeds in the country. She believes that winning the pageant would allow her to amplify the awareness towards her advocacy.

Each candidate of Miss Philippines Earth 2016 requires beauty, dedication, talent, and intelligence – most of which are qualities of Merrell’s definition of a Pretty Strong woman. As such, it is no surprise that Merrell decided to tie up with Miss Philippines Earth 2016 to promote ‘Pretty Strong,’ the brand’s campaign which aims to empower women. Regardless of who wins, I truly hope each candidate will go far. Good luck, ladies! 🙂


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