Beans & Bros. English Tea and Coffee– Brewed and Refined by Engineers

When In Manila, it’s always good to try new things.

Have you ever tried English style tea and coffee? If not yet, visiting Beans & Bros. will give you a full blast of the authentic English approach to enjoy every cup of refreshment and coffee!

I’ve heard a lot about the shop for quite some time, and that’s the reason I was excited to experience what the store uniquely offers. For the trip, I perfectly had the right fellas to join me — my college buddies!

tam-1my partners in crime in College, Toto and Bea.


Off we traveled with excitement to Clark, Pampanga to visit one of its branches. It was head-owned by a mentor and motivator to Electronics Engineering students during board examinations, no other than Engr. Woodrow Pino or better known as “Sir Woods”!

b&b-10021in front of Beans & Bros., Diamond Village branch in  Balibago Angeles City


After an hour of travel, we found the place. The shop looked pretty inviting due to its urbane and neat appearance. We also noticed that people who passed by always took a second look at the establishment. All of a sudden,  Sir Woods appeared in the front door and welcomed us with a huge smile.

b&b-4Sir Woods 


The moment we had our first few steps inside, the soothing ambiance plus the comforting music played in the background mesmerized us. We suddenly felt at home and forgot how far Pampanga was from Manila.

Inside the shop, evident in the walls is that Sir Woods has been, and continues to be, a source of many words of wisdom and encouragements. It’s nice to see simple thoughts hanging on the walls while having a relaxing moment with friends. Also, it makes one long for a cup of coffee.




Soaring With British Crafts 

Moving a little to a corner, caught our attentions were these British Aircraft models, being sold at convenient prices and perfect as collectors’ item. Those displays reminded me of the Breitling Jet Team Aerobatic Exhibition that I missed during the 18th Hot Air Balloon Festival. (sigh)





Those Were The Days

We easily felt at home and started talking about things at a defined frequency, focusing on concerns related to our profession. Sir Woods told us lots of good stories, and as usual, sound advises.  Then we suddenly recalled the golden days–our review period. I kinda missed the days when everyone felt all kinds of pressure from the upcoming boards. Everybody’s desperately studying hard, practicing hard, praying hard, and all of a sudden, became religious, and a St. Jude Parish devotee! Haha! Those were the days when one will definitely crave for encouragements and motivations from all the mentors and loved ones. Yeah, those were the days. The days that I didn’t wanna get back to, especially the moment of the actual taking of the exam. That was something I will never miss and better be buried in oblivion!  Whew! Thank God I’ll never take that exam again. 

The Interesting Facts


As the conversation went through, overwhelmed we became by the facts we learned about the business. Interestingly…

1. The idea of the business was born from a tie up with a British company that has been in existence for more than 300 years.

2. Beans & Bros. is the first in the country to offer English tea and coffee concept.

3. The company is one of the newest members of Francorp, the leader in franchising business. 

4. The Filipino owned shares of the company was from a group of nearly a hundred percent Electronics Engineers. 

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

But yeah, the weather outside was ridiculously hot. Does Beans & Bros. got something to offer to fight that? What meals may be best enjoyed inside the shop? 

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