Beans & Bros. English Tea and Coffee– Brewed and Refined by Engineers

Alright. Let’s now move less of the talking and more of the “eating“ aspect. If you ever get a chance to visit a Beans & Bros. branch, you might be hooked up with the thought of what’s the best to order.

MUST Try At Beans & Bros.


Since it’s summer time, recommendable are the tea latte’s that we’ve tried. These will give you a unique grasp of the English style tea and is noticeable in every sip. Aside from that, it was prepared with minimum amount of sugar or sweeteners and more of the distinctive aroma from the so-called bergamot extract, which has a warm spicy floral quality. Personally, I prefer to have my beverages or juices to be as sweet as it could be. Upon trying Beans & Bros., I began to appreciate a refreshment that emphasizes a quality taste and aroma.

Another must-try is their mocha frappe.



clockwise: Svetlana Peppermint Mocha Frappe  (P159),

English Toffee Tea Latte P95 

Red Raspberry Fruit Tea P85.



Svetlana Peppermint Mocha Frappe– very rewarding

They served us the Svetlana Peppermint Mocha Frappe and after the first few sips, it made me realize that truly, there are lots of good stuff outside waiting to be discovered, though not bearing big brands. This is the best example. My buddies tried it too and we all agreed about the presence of the relaxing strength of the pure (not blends) premium Arabica coffee plus the minty sensation, perfect to provide a cool feeling.

bnb sized1-2

the 3 of us, enjoying every ounce of refreshment


On the other hand, pigging out can be suggestively done with the meals that we have tried, which are the Buckingham Pizza and their very own style of Pesto.

If you’re a fan of thick crust, sticky, and too greasy pizza, then Buckingham is not for you because it is the exact opposite.

 b&b-109Buckingham Pizza

tam-10best to be shared slices! 139 for Small size and 189 for Big size


The pesto, however, became one of our favorites.  We also loved the tuna toppings. Best word to describe: “sumptuous”.

b&b-108Beans & Bros. Pesto–a must try!


tam-11twirl it, lift, and indulge!


Fries and Belgian waffles are also available in the store if you want another round of delicious meals.


The Second Branch

We also visited the second branch situated in SM Clark, Pampanga. It’s a place where foreigners can be seen almost everywhere and Sir Woods bragged that they often get two thumbs up from them for delivering the English style delights. The shop is a kiosk type establishment with comfy chairs around. 





It was INSANELY hot outside (I have to capitalize  each letter to emphasize how intense the heat was). Another set of refreshments were the best choice we thought to relieve ourselves. For that round, Bea had the frappe, while Toto and I tried the latte’s.  

b&b-103London Yellow Mint Latte (85 Php)


b&b-104Strawberry Tea Latte (99Php)


b&b-102Svetlana Peppermint Mocha Frappe(159 Php) 


At that instance, the whole image of the English tea and coffee concept completely formed in our minds.

Desserts are also available in the SM Clark branch, so for dessert lovers out there, don’t miss them! They perfectly match the sweetness-controlled English style coffee.

Here are some of the delights available:

b&b-10001Fallen from heaven–Sinful Chocolate Cake


b&b-10011sweet and cute cupcakes


One thing we learned from that trip was “Don’t hesitate to try something new, for they may be much better than what you used to have.”

The English experience, though new to our tongues,  was worth the try! We’re also reminded that we  need not have to spend too much dimes dining with famous cafe’s or restaurants of big names for a sumptuous meal. Sometimes, the best one is just out there, waiting to be discovered, and spells A-F-F-O-R-D-A-B-L-E.

Kudos to Sir Woods, and his group of professionals that built Beans & Bros.! Thank you for the unique English experience!

tam-16Toto and I with some of the Engineers and Architects behind the business

The Good News!

Beans & Bros. is now open for franchising! The upcoming branches are ready to conquer Manila, so when the day comes that it gets near you, don’t hesitate to try it! Start your  English tea and coffee experience too!


 Bean & Bros. English Tea and Coffee

First Branch: S. R. Lim Ave., Diamond Village, Balibago Angeles City

Second Branch: 2nd Floor, SM Clark, Pampanga


Contact: +639474296010

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Beans & Bros. English Tea and Coffee– Brewed and Refined by Engineers


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