Bean & Yolk: Eggs Take Center Stage at the Newest Specialty Cafe in Makati

Coffee shops have mushroomed just about anywhere in Manila, from the big names to the quaint and charming. Anywhere you go, there is a cafe for you.  In the middle of the jungle of glorious options out there though, there is one that stands out because of the uniqueness of it. It’s a cafe that has taken one of the most common and simple ingredientseggand made a specialty coffee shop out of it, called Bean & Yolk.

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The name itself already directly to the point describes what is in store for you. Eggs made in different ways, cafe style. My daily encounter with this ingredient would most commonly be limited to scrambled, boiled, sunnyside up, a little over easy and a little egg sandwich out there. Finding out what was in store at Bean & Yolk definitely amped my egg-appreciation some more. And below are all the reasons why.


Take for example the Chorizo Mama (Php 250) which has fried egg, cheddar cheese, home-made chorizo pattie and barbeque mayo on a brioche bun. The chorizo tastes really good, and I like the way the egg is done. If you’re looking for something filling and familiar to your taste, this sandwich is great to have.

Saying cheese makes you smile, and who can’t smile with mozarella as an ingredient? Cara’s Fave (Php 175) isn’t a favorite for nothing. The fried egg, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and hot honey on buttered sliced brioche make for a perfect bite. Check out all the goodness oozing out in this photo:


Now, the Missus (Php 185) shouldn’t be missed. Soft scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo, arugula, and caramelized onions are a whole meal in itself. There’s something I also noticed with the eggs in Bean & Yolk, the way they are prepared is very artful and tasteful, even if they are just eggs. And when you see the amount of detail that is put into your food, you know that it’s not just there to fill your tummy but to make you happy in the process, too.


More of oozing goodness comes in this dish, Farmer John (Php 195). If you’re craving some ham in your sandwiches then you’d be glad to try this. Fried egg, cheddar cheese, ham, barbecue mayo, and caramelized onions bring together a beautiful mix of flavors as you sink your teeth into this.


Bean & Yolk has a number of other sandwiches on the menu, but notable is The “Molly” (Php 125). If it doesn’t get you at truffle oil then what about its mashed potato, poached egg, chives, and Himalayan salt with burnt crostini? I’m not a fan of poached egg, but this dish made me a believer. You definitely have to get this with the other sandwiches at Bean & Yolk. Or pair it up with coffee. Now that’s perfect.


On the list of featured drinks are B&Y Mocha, Latte Ginhawa, B&Y Chocolate, and Espresso Milkshake to name a few (priced Php 100 – Php200).



I had the Salted Dulce De Leche (Php 175) and it tasted as pretty as it looked.


The whole concept of Bean & Yolk sprung from the owners’ (Papo and Chukoy) travels around the world. They loved getting a taste of specialty coffee shops in other countries, and thought about bringing something similar here. I’d say it was a very good decision. Bean & Yolk is really something special.




Bean & Yolk

Unit G6 Bel Air Soho Suites, Polaris St, Makati
Open 8am – 10pm
0920 926 7587
Facebook :
Instagram : beanandyolkph