Beach Born: Hair Essentials For The Pinay On The Go

As someone who grew up in a province known for surfing and beaches, I know the struggle of keeping hair soft and smooth–especially after a quick dip in the salty waters. As much as it’s super refreshing to spend some time under the sun with the cool breeze from the sea blowing across your face, it doesn’t do a lot of good to the hair. Swimming in the beach usually results to dry and frizzy hair that does ~not~ look good in those travel photos.

But fret not because Beach Born has the hair products that will protect your hair from the harsh sun, give you soft and bouncy beach waves, and a whole lot more! Beach Born is a local brand of hair and skin products made from organic ingredients! Yes, their products are locally made and chemical-free. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Check out some of their must-try products:

Sunset Spray (PHP 175)

Sunset Spray

This sweet-smelling spray is basically “blow-dry in a bottle.” It detangles hair and protects it from heat and harsh sunlight! Plus, it strengthens and softens hair. Definitely a must-have for travels who just want luscious and manageable hair. Nobody has to worry about having to bring a hair blower to trips because Beach Born’s sunset spray will do the job.

Sunset Spray (PHP 175) // Sea Salt Spray (PHP 180)

Sea Salt Spray

If you’ve been wanting those amazing beach waves you see on models or that bedhead look that makes you look put together without the effort, you can finally achieve it with Beach Born’s Sea Salt Spray! Just spray it on damp hair, put your hair in a bun, then let your hair down after half an hour for effortless waves that stays for the whole day!
I am honestly obsessed with the sea salt spray because it makes me up my hair game with very little effort. Plus, the chill beach waves look amazing.

Dry Shampoo (PHP 218)

Dry Shampoo

This one is essential for those of us who are always on the go. I don’t always have time to wash my hair every day, so Beach Born’s dry shampoo really helps. It makes my hair smell super good and gets rid of those excess oils and even dirt from yesterday. It even adds volume, giving off that illusion that I actually took time to take care of my hair that day.

Classy Not Brassy Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

This duo is legitimately perfect for dyed hair. I just had my hair bleached and colored a short while ago and Beach Born’s purple shampoo and conditioner is truly the best way to maintain it. It gets rid of the weird orange hues of colored hair which makes it pop even more. Plus, it’s sulfate-free and with all-natural ingredients so it keeps the dye from fading too soon. It looks like I’ll be enjoying my red hair a lot longer than expected.

Witch Hazel Wash

Trying Beach Born’s witch hazel wash was my first time to ever use that kind of non-soap cleanser, and I was honestly surprised with how effective it was! I’d usually wake up with an extremely oily face, but after using the witch hazel wash, it was instantly evident how it lessened my oiliness. Its pure witch hazel component also shrinks pores, reduces acne, and can even heal rashes! It can be used both as a daily facial wash or feminine wash! That’s two essential uses in one bottle.

Aloeha! Universal Balm (PHP 150)

Aloeha! Universal Balm

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! This recently released universal balm does wonders to the lips and to basically any other part of the body that needs just a bit of moisturizing–eyelids, cheeks, and even your elbows! If you’re familiar with Glossier’s Balmdotcom, Beach Born’s Aloeha! Universal Balm is the more accessible and affordable version of it. I really love applying it right before going to sleep because I wake up with ultra-hydrated lips. I’m also obsessed with the cool and tingling sensation that the Peppermint Plumper gives whenever I put it on. I didn’t know my lips could feel this loved.

It might be the rainy season right now, but it’s never too early to start preparing for your summer beach trips. And who says you can only sport gorgeous beach waves during the summer? In a tropical country such as ours, it’s really so essential to have hair and skin products such as these. Thank God for Beach Born!

Beach Born

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