Bea Alonzo Reveals Why She Bought an Apartment in Madrid

Bea Alonzo just released her 100th vlog episode with a surprise! When the actress flew to Madrid, fans speculated that it was for an upcoming project.  Apparently, it was for personal reasons as she just bought an apartment in Spain!

The Box Office Queen shared the milestone with her followers as she had always dreamt of having her own home in Europe for her family. If you are wondering why Bea chose Spain, she said it’s because of her love for Spain. The pandemic has made her realize that we only live once, and decided to just go for it. What only started from wishful thinking and internet browsing has now been made official. “Finally, it happened! After many years of hard work, and weighing things whether I should buy or not, I have decided to just take a leap and do it,” she said.

A good location with two to three bedrooms, a lot of windows, an elevator, and a heating and cooling system were among Alonzo’s requirements. After checking six houses from various neighborhoods in four days, she decided to get an apartment in Chamberí. Aside from meeting her criteria, she chose this apartment for its interior design, the community within the area, and its accessibility to establishments–such as good cafes!

Take a sneak peek of the apartment on her vlog below:

Alonzo is excited to buy furniture and promised to give a house tour soon.

She also clarified that she will not be a Spanish citizen, and was only there for five days to do apartment hunting.

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