Free HIV Test in Manila: Be Your Own Baymax

Free HIV Test in Manila: Be Your Own Baymax


Disney has given us a magical world where we find hope through fairy dust, magical spells and poetic justice. It also provides us with a world where two people can live happily ever after. On the other hand, Marvel features superheroes that we have been so fond of up until now because of their power and might. But what if Disney and Marvel joined together to make a movie in one roll? Big Hero 6 was one of these movies and it rocked with action and melted hearts through a palette of emotions.

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The cinema was filled with laughter when we watched Big Hero 6, but the laughter of children dominated the dome. After watching the movie and listening to the theme song “Immortals” by Fall Out Boys, I could feel the relation of the movie to the plight of the LGBT community, especially here in the Philippines. More so, this song reminded me of our dear brothers and sisters who should’ve been watching this movie, but already fell into the claws of HIV/AIDS. 

In September 2014, there were 565 new HIV cases in the Philippines, according to the Philippine HIV and AIDS Registry of the Department of Health, National Epidemiology Center (DOH-NEC) Most of the cases were male (94%), and sexual contact was reported to be 95% of the cases. The top 3 Regions of the country with the highest incidences were: NCR (42%), Region IVA (14%) and Region III (9%).

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 Source: PNAC

With this in mind, let me share 7 parallelisms Big Hero 6 has to being your own Baymax by taking the HIV test now.

 7. “We didn’t set out to be superheroes, but life doesn’t always go as planned.” – Hiro

You can have a lot of flings and still not get HIV or only hang out with one and suddenly acquire it. Whatever happens, though, you can still be your own hero by knowing your status and protecting yourself and the people around you from acquiring it. Life doesn’t always go as planned, after all.

 6. We learn too much kindness from too much unkindness.

The death of Tadashi secluded Hiro from the people that he loves and who love him back. Sometimes, we do the same things when we are faced with issues, especially when it comes to equality, acceptance and HIV/AIDS. All of us face grief in our lives. Some of us long for our friends who deal with HIV/AIDS and those who are personally battling with it. It must not make us less of a person, though. Instead, be the opposite.

5Robots can be recharged; HIV can be avoided/treated with medicine. 

One funny scene in the movie was when Baymax’s battery began to run low and he changed from being a care-providing robot to something similar to a drunken man. After he recharged, though, he went back to his usual self. On that note, HIV may not be curable, but there are treatments and medicines that can alleviate the plight of PLHIV to live quality lives. This can only be achieved through early detection, though.

4. “They say we are what we are, but we don’t have to be.” – Fall Out Boy

There are plenty of myths surrounding the lives of PLHIV (people living with HIV). In fact, the stigma surrounding HIV in the Philippines is so prevalent that all of us have become ignorant victims of the needs of these people: care and acceptance. More so, the mob sees the MSM (male having sex with males) community as the bearers of HIV/AIDS in the country because of the big turnout of distribution from the group. Naturally, we don’t want to be branded that way. That’s why we are incessantly working hand-in-hand to combat HIV/AIDS as early as now.

3. Be willing to take charge.

Are you like Wasabi who always stops at a red light, no matter what? Or are you like Go Go who chooses to take over the driver’s seat and take control of the situation? Either way, you are driving in the road you’ve taken and you follow the signals whether to go or stop. Once you take charge, you will see the difference.

2. You will be surprised before you know it.

Did you become quite clueless about what happened before the actual movie started? There was a short clip of a dog (Winston) who showed us how the life of his owner revolved from him to his new-found wife and, later on, his family. It was actually a tear-jerker for a very good movie that is yet to start. At times, some great things happen with a prelude. Having said that, taking an HIV test is a preface of our lives as MSM. The actual movie is yet to unfold.

1. “Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it’s tested again and again everyday.” – Fall Out Boy

Soon, we will not just raise the flag of a rainbow and say our endless prayers for acceptance in the society. Instead we will be getting the pot of gold in the rainbow’s end. Just like Tadashi, we will face plenty of failures yet soon we will succeed and have our own Baymax. For the meantime, though, you serve as your own Baymax. Take good care of yourself. Know yourself. 

While it is true that Big Hero 6 has nothing to do with homosexuality, putting up the gay agenda and HIV awareness; I think that this movie embodies the true plight gay men face everyday and the lesson that we can pick up for us to take an HIV test. I just hope that we reach a point where the majority will say the same line Baymax asks, “Are you satisfied with my care?… I cannot deactivate until you say “I am satisfied with my care.” Can you be your own Baymax?

Be your own Baymax. Protect and love. Join the Free HIV Testing by LoveYourself, Saturday, 12NN-9PM at Victoria Court-North EDSA. 

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To sign up for Protect and Love Free HIV Testing, please go to the link below and register with your details. This will ensure that timely reminders, detailed information, as well as commuting and/or driving instructions are sent to you ahead of time.

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Be Your Own Baymax: Take the HIV Test Now!


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