BC Fragrance Workshop: Learn how to concoct scents!

Learning a new skill when in Manila and during summer is always important! A bunch of workshops and training classes always sprout up during summer break, and anyone who’s into sports, marathons, art and even cooking will always enjoy improving their skill sets by joining these summer workshops.

If the usual workshops don’t pique your interest, why not try your hand at becoming a bona fide perfumer this summer?

Since perfumery is an art as well as a science, one of the sisters behind BC Fragrance is offering a nifty, one-day fragrance-for-beginners class to introduce people to the wonderful world of perfume making. If you are looking to start a new business or actually concoct your own fragrances, then I highly suggest you take this workshop.

Called Fragrance 101, the intensive four-hour workshop teaches participants everything needed to know about fragrances. The small, intimate session started with a quick run-down of the history of perfume followed by the different perfume forms, types and categories. Honestly, I was not expecting to learn that there are floral, aromatic, woody, oriental, fougere, gourmand, citrus, and even chypre fragrances. Prior to this class, all I was familiar with were the floral and musky scents.


BC Fragrance Bernadette Lim

 Miss Bernadette Lim, the “B” in “BC”, gave a brief overview on the fragrance industry.


BC Fragrance Bernadette Lim Fragrance 101

Right after telling us the different kinds of scents in the fragrance wheel, Miss Bernadette then asked us to participate in a “smelling challenge” of sorts where we were tasked to identify the correct name of the EDT on the fragrance strip. There were 26 different scents in total! 

For this smelling activity, all participants were advised to come without wearing any fragrances, without having eaten strong aromatic foods like onions, garlic, coffee, and curry as well as dairy products like milk and cheese. Avoiding these products will help nasal passages stay clear and prevent mucus from building up in the nose and throat.

BC Fragrance Identifying Fragrances

BC Fragrance Fragrance Manual and Samples

 The cool thing about the activity is the prize. If we guessed the name of the scent correctly, we got to take a sample of that particular scent home for free!

BC Fragrance Fragrance Samples

I think I got about five samples from the activity, including Miss Dior Cherie and Juicy Couture replicas.


After the smelling activity, we had a quick snack before proceeding to the last part of the workshop: Making Your Fragrance Products.

Here we were able to learn the different ingredients that comprise a perfume, an Eau de Toilette, an Eau de Parfum, and a cologne. We learned how very important it is to use graduated cylinders and beakers to accurately measure the different ingredients.

After bottling a newly made fragrance, it was also very important to allow the scent to age a bit before actually selling or using them. It will have to pass a series of tests first (information on the tests are available in the fragrance manual). 

BC Fragrance Bernadette Lim

 The Science Behind the Art!


BC Fragrance Fragrances

BC Fragrance’s selection of room fragrances: Fragrances are stored in glass bottles to preserve the products. 

BC Fragrance March 23 Batch

 Miss Bernadette Lim and the rest of the workshop participants.



Wanna know more about fragrances? Join the next workshop soon when in Manila! You can become an Observer for only Php499 or a Perfumer’s Apprentice for Php1199



BC Fragrance

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BC Fragrance Workshop: Learn how to concoct scents!


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