Baywatch Movie with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson? Yes, Please!!!

Another remake? Why are we not surprised? This one has gotten us interested, though. Why? I have two syllables for you: BAY. WATCH.

It has been decades since Baywatch was last on TV and 20+ years since I last pretended to be drowning in the bed of our hotel room until my sister gave in and “saved” me. I reckon my sister was in it to ogle at the hot bodies and dream of being a Baywatch lifeguard one day, though, because come on: who didn’t dream of running down the beach in slow motion with a perfect body and a perfect sunset as their backdrop one day? …Or was that just me?


Well, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been heavily teasing about the Baywatch remake on social media lately as Hollywood will soon be remaking it into a film starring himself and … get ready to drool, ladies … ZAC EFRON. Are we complaining? No, sirree! We are all for drooling over half-naked celebrities and finding new fitspirations, aren’t you? And oh, The Rock, if you can add Channing Tatum to that list, that would be great. 😉


We’re assuming The Rock will be taking on the role of David Hasselhoff, but who’ll be taking the role of Pamela Anderson? And who else will be baring some skin for this movie? Who would you want to see in the new Baywatch? Share your thoughts with us!

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