Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Spoof by Channing Tatum

When In Manila, you must’ve seen the viral Volvo commercial featuring JCD and his crazy split! Well, if you loved that, then I’ve got something you’ll love even more!



Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo advertisement has about 40 MILLION views on YouTube with people commenting of how awesome and badass the guy is! Does he ever get old? Just a week after its release, 22 Jump Street directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord come up with their own version of this epic split starring no other than Channing Tatum! Whether this is part of their promotion for the upcoming 22 Jump Street movie or not, they sure caught my interest!

Van Damme Volvo CommercialVan Damme Volvo Commercial Spoof


I wanna tell you more about both videos… especially Channing’s, but I think it’d be better if you watched them both yourself! haha Check out both videos below and take your pick!


Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial (original)


Channing Tatum Spoof



So what do you think? Is it Van Damme or Channing Tatum?


In other news, did you hear Adam Levine was announced People’s Sexiest Man Alive? Woot woot!