Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles That Wow!

Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow! (3)

There’s a new sweet spot up North that serves a familiar grid-patterned batter cake – but not in your usual texture. Batter or Dough has risen in SM North Edsa with its light and bright interiors complemented by clean wood and stunningly simple aesthetics. The sunshiny atmosphere gives off morning vibes all day, which easily got us in the mood for breakfast food. To match the mood, they specialize in third wave specialty coffee, and fresh, plump waffles in all of their crispy glory.

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Waffles are breakfast foods that should probably be categorized as desserts, but no one’s complaining. I don’t trust people who couldn’t eat it any hour of the day. At Batter or Dough, the waffles are warm and sweet, and placed in yellow boxes. During their soft opening, we tried four flavors of their deliciously soft Belgian waffles from classic maple to the cult favorite Nutella.

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Cinnamon Sugar (P135) and Batter or Dough Original (P95)

These don’t have the typical light as air or fluffy texture I associate with waffles; they are a bit denser. Once my teeth crunched on the beautifully golden and crisp edges, they sank into the lightly chewy but extremely tender middle… just wow. I wanted a waffle lot more bites!

The one on the left tastes just like a churro, but in waffle form, with a modest dusting of cinnamon sugar. While happily munching on our golden brown treat, it dawned on us that its sticky and slightly chewy consistency is similar to that of tikoy, but far more pillowy and melt-in-your-mouth-y.
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The secret lies in the batter, of course. Whisked by siblings Bianca and Kim Luna over numerous experiments in the kitchen, they finally forked up their version of the perfect waffle from the iron. They’re perfect for people who look for a touch of chewiness.

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Nutella (P150)

A generous drizzle of this ubiquitous chocolate hazelnut spread makes (almost) anything better! The little squares smothered with Nutella don’t really need anything else to make us want them in our mouth ASAP. Those syrup/topping traps are basically what make waffles better than pancakes. Don’t fight me.

Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow! (5)Whipped Butter and Maple (P150)

My favorite so far is the Whipped Butter and Maple glowing with an extra drizzle of butterscotch and caramel flavored maple syrup! That might change with their upcoming flavors, though. By July, expect more dessert waffles on the menu: Fluffernutter, Dulce de Leche, Batterbomb with ice cream, and 9 other surprises.

If elevated waffles made with premium ingredients don’t entice you, maybe these bubbly bevvies will. *pauses for an Instagram shot*

Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow! (4)THOSE COCOA BUBBLES, THO!

A “Blendie” is a cross between an iced coffee and a frappe. It has a creamy, but surprisingly light consistency. The coffee flavors include White (P140), Mocha (P160), and Vanilla Bean (P160) for 14ml, while their only non-caffeinated drink is the ChocoBob (P95), which has a velvety dark chocolate base.

Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow! (9)Without a doubt, drinking with friends is so much… batter 😉

Some of us found the Mocha a tad too bitter for our liking, but they gave us simple syrup to lace the dark and nutty drink with more sweetness.

Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow! (12)Took too long to take the shot, so the mixture got separated (just like me and my ex loljk) #IGstruggle

After a satisfying breakfast combo of crunchy and hot batter + smooth and cold drinks, we were ready to go on with our tasks for the day. Oh, wait… it’s night time already?

Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow! (10)

In the end, we obsessed over their batter creations enough to come back again once or twice… or many more times. #WaffleWin (Was a hashtag made to code a waffle in text? I think yes.)

Batter or Dough

4/F, The Block, SM North Edsa, Quezon City

10AM – 10PM

Facebook: www.facebook.com/batterordough

Instagram: @batterordough