LOOK: Baron Geisler has Married his Longtime Girlfriend!

Actor Baron Geisler has wedded his longtime non-showbiz girlfriend, Jamie Marie Evangelista.

Jamie shared photos of their simple civil wedding held on Friday, September 13, on Facebook.

It has been a year since they officially became a couple. According to a report by PUSH, they met in Cebu where Baron had been staying for the past year.

He said that Jamie, who is a psychologist currently working as a freelance psycho-therapist at a rehab center, supported him in his darkest days. “When I had nothing, wala pa yung barbershop ko, nung walang-wala ako she supported me,” he said.

(“Even when I had nothing, when I didn’t have my barbershop, when I was completely lost, she supported me.”)

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Congratulations, Baron and Jamie!

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