Bare MNL: 5 Products that Can Make a Big Difference in Your Home

Article by Camille Ong

My friends recently moved into a studio-type condo. The space itself was small but it was a naturally well-lit room with a view that overlooked the city. Since they’re new to the place, they’re still in the process of decorating to make it looked more lived-in.

While they’re working on the look of their place, I decided to give them some housewarming gifts that would make their condo feel cozier. The scent of pomegranate and vanilla on their bedsheets, lavender in the air if they prefer to light a candle, and olive-scented hands whenever they wash their hands will surely do the trick!

Bare MNL: 5 Products that Can Make a Big Difference in Your Home


Natural Soy Candle in Lavender

I gave this to my friend, a writer. She tends to have these little rituals she has to do before she can start writing; a quiet room, good lighting, the pressure of a deadline, and a lovely scent wafting from a scented candle. Bare Essentials‘ soy candle in Lavender is just the relaxing scent she needs as she crams.


The container may be small, but the scent is strong enough to spread through the whole room, and it maintains its scent long after its first lighting. The smell actually makes me long for the French countryside, even though I haven’t actually been there!

Room and Linen Spray in Pomegranate and Vanilla

As college students, my friends are usually busy all day because of classes and extracurriculars. Sometimes they just wanna go home and plop on their beds after a long day. This pomegranate and vanilla scented linen spray gives off a comforting scent that will surely make them feel less tense.


It’s just the size of my hand, but it will do wonders for your bedsheets. The fruity, sweet scent is the perfect combination. Use it as a refresher in between laundry days or just whenever you feel like it.

Hand Soap in Olive

We need to remember that our hands touch a lot of things in our day to day life. It’s hard to avoid germs because of this. Since I don’t want my friends catching something through the spread of germs, this hand soap in a pump dispenser is very convenient.


While we all need to keep our hands clean, it doesn’t hurt if our hands smell good in the process. With its fruity and woody notes, this will surely make your hands smell their best as you avoid those germs!

Reed Diffuser

If you don’t like lighting candles, the reed diffuser is a nice alternative. Your home will smell constantly nice as the reeds soak up the scented oil and disperse it through the room. You’ll have a lot of different scents to choose from. Some scents that caught my attention are Christmas Dream, Tea & Ginger, and Tobacco!

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Facial Masks

While this isn’t necessarily for your home, it will make you feel cozy in your home! For those nights where you just wanna stay in and do nothing, these clay masks will keep you company. Your skin will also thank you for it later.

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Need something to make you feel calmer and more at peace at home? Check out what Bare MNL has to offer.

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