Banawe’s Favorite Muang Thai is now in Diliman, Quezon City!

Words by Patricia Yap
Photos by Stephanie Nicole Teng 

Located in Malakas Street, Quezon City, what may seem like a new contender in the food industry has actually been a patron favorite for over 22 years now. 

Get to know Muang Thai PH—Banawe’s once classic go-to restaurant for all that is Thai food, now with a revamped and modernized look and menu in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. 

A range of traditional Thai food served in big portions

Muang Thai boasts of a lively and now more spacious restaurant. When asked why Muang Thai chose to relocate and rebrand, Managing Director Regina Romero said that when the area here was sold to them, they made sure to make good use of it. The original location was smaller and didn’t have much room for parking, she shared, plus the interiors were also starting to go dull and dim. So they needed a change. 

Muang Thai’s fresh interior makes use of minimalist wooden furniture, abstract lights, fresh wallpapers, and lively plants—making the new location feel younger and more hip!

But enough talk about the place. We all know what we came here for, and that’s to know which food choices are the best choices! 

Along with the place’s renovation, Muang Thai also adapted their dishes accordingly. With the help of Chef Jolo Morales, Muang Thai was able to step up their food game even more. 

Some of their newer dishes that we loved were the Yum Som-o (Php 260) and Beef Short Ribs (Php 435). The Yum Som-O is a balanced combination of sweet from the macerated pomelo and savory from the char-grilled shrimp. This combo is made even more perfect with the bed of creamy panocha coconut syrup.

Sweet and savory pomelo and shrimp salad with coconut sauce

The Beef Short Ribs is a best-seller. According to Romero, the dish stands out because its interesting flavor profile stirs from traditional Thai food to a more modern one. Enjoy grilled short ribs with sauteed mushrooms, roasted pineapple, ground toasted rice, all served with your choice of either Massaman curry sauce or cilantro pistou.

Muang Thai’s big hit Beef Short Ribs

Moving back to the classics , Muang Thai still holds pride in their Pad Thai (Php 360), Gai Hor Bai Toey (Php 310), and Thai Spring Rolls (Php 200) just to name a few. When these fan favorites from Banawe are served, old patrons are sure to find nostalgia served at their table and new patrons understanding all the same.

The Pad Thai has a scrumptious mix of wok-fried noodles cooked in tamarind sauce with shrimp and tofu curds. The Gai Hor Bai Toey resembles the familiar flavor of the Filipino chicken pandan, and the spring rolls pack a flavorful punch from the delicious mixture inside.

The classic and to-die-for Pad Thai

The Gai Hor Bai Toey

The classic and flavor-winner Thai Spring Rolls

Aside from nostalgic food, one more reason why old patrons keep coming back to Muang Thai is because of the staff. Yup, the staff from the original spot 22 years ago still serves this new branch; giving a sense of familiarity to all those wonderful memories of Thai dining.

This mainstay staff also served us their Mu Krob (Php 360), Khao Kluk Kapi (Php 300) and Fried Appetizer Sampler (Php 370), and we loved them!

Their Mu Krob (cripy pork belly) with the perfect crunch and juicyness, served with your choice of curry sauce

Savory, tangy and mouthwatering Khao Kluk Kapi (Shrimp paste fried rice)

Super sulit appetizer sampler consisting of fried shrimp, fried chicken skin, and golden pouches

Now if you’re craving something a little more sweet, well they still got you covered! We recommend their Mango Sticky Rice (Php 130) and Coco Flan (Php 105) for dessert, and their Thai Milk Tea Drink (Php 115) and Coconut Pandan Drink (Php 115) for the perfect thirst-quenchers.

Thailand’s favorite mango sticky rice, now served fresh and hot on your table

Coconut custard with young coconut puree and tapioca pearls

Fresh Thai milk tea with pearls made from real Thai tea leaves

Creamy and smooth refreshing coconut pandan drink

With Muang Thai having a roster of both classic and new dishes, there’s always something memorable (and new) for old customers to go back to and something unique for new patrons to try. 

In their renovated space, Muang Thai can now host private functions at their second floor. Up to 60 pax can fit, and the reservation already includes projector and sound system use.

From how we see it, Muang Thai is just going to continue thriving in the food industry. According to Romero, there’s even more to come! So, you better look forward to the addition of their Thai inspired cocktails, curated by the head bartender of a popular bar called Proof.

Together with this, the winning sauces (Tamarind, Sweet chili, Spicy Sweet Vinegar) of Muang Thai can now be enjoyed at home as they will soon launch their sauces in bottles that any Thai food lover can take home!

So, if you want quality Thai food enjoyed in a chill and ambient space, go for Muang Thai!

Muang Thai

138 Malakas Street corner Matalino Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City
For reservations and inquiries: (02) 426-4123
Facebook: Muang Thai PH | @muangthaiph
Instagram: @muangthaiph

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