Banawe Food Guide: 12 Restaurants to Try Out When in Banawe

Words by Meldrick Tin

Photos by Joshua Go

Graphics by Heather Co

We all know that popular areas like Maginhawa, Quezon City or Kapitolyo, Pasig City have some of the best restaurant finds the metro has to offer. But if you’re looking for something new to try, go ahead and check out Banawe, a very lowkey little Chinatown in Quezon City which also houses so much good food and drinks you shouldn’t miss out on!

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If you happen to find yourself in the area and you’re at a loss on where to eat⁠—don’t worry because we got you covered! Here are our top picks on the 12 best places to eat or drink when in Banawe!

Food Map Banawe Final

(This list is in no particular order.)

12. Shiok Shiok

Location: 81-A N. Roxas St., Between Banawe and Biak na Bato St., Quezon City


Shiok Shiok’s Laksa (Php 275.00)

To start off your Banawe food adventure, first try out Shiok Shiok, a quaint and cozy Singaporean-themed restaurant. The word shiok is actually a Singaporean word which means very tasty or delicious, and you can assure that the food in this restaurant lives up to its name. If you’re a fan of anything spicy, definitely try out their Laksa (Php 275.00) which has vermicelli noodles, assorted fish balls, and other toppings served in their curry, coconut milk soup. The Cereal Prawn (Php 360.00) and Salted Egg Chicken (Php 310.00) are also must-tries!

11. Tuen Mun Roasts

Location: 81-A N. Roxas St., Between Banawe and Biak na Bato St., Quezon City


Tuen Mun Roasts’ Roasted Barbecued Pork Asado Rice Premium Cut (Php 200.00)

Just beside Shiok Shiok is Tuen Mun Roasts, a small diner which houses your favorite Hong Kong-style roasts—from Soy Chicken, Roasted Duck, Lechon Macau, and so much more. Our top pick was the Roasted Barbecued Pork Asado Rice Premium Cut (Php 200.00) which not only tastes high quality, but you’re also sure to get your money’s worth! You can also take out your favorite roasts and have them at home.

Insider Tip: Since Shiok Shiok and Tuen Mun Roasts have the same owners, you can order food from the menu of the other restaurant.

10. Shuin

Location: 100-B Maria Clara St., Near Banawe St., Sto. Domingo, Quezon City


Shuin’s Smoked Chicken Rice (Php 195.00)

Shuin is a karinderiya-style restaurant which houses delicious and affordable Taiwanese food. Their best-sellers and my personal favorites are the Smoked Chicken Rice (Php 195.00) and Porkchop Rice (Php 195.00), both of which will surely satisfy your hunger. All of their rice meals come with 2 free side dishes, and you can choose from Stewed Tofu, Kikiam, Taiwan Sausage, Kiamchay, and so much more side dishes depending on the availability.

9. Happy Lulu

Location: 19 Ubay St., Near Banawe St., Quezon City


Happy Lulu’s Grilled Liempo (Php 200.00)

If you’re looking for a restaurant closer to home, Happy Lulu is a fusion restaurant serving mostly Filipino-Chinese cuisine. We ordered their best-selling dishes, including French Beans (Php 260.00), Oyster Cake (Php 280.00), Spicy Clams (Php 280.00), Salt and Pepper Tofu (Php 260.00), Grilled Liempo (Php 200.00), and of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete without having Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 200.00)! With the restaurant’s homey feel, you’ll be sure to enjoy the lutong bahay they have to offer!

8. Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

Location: 767 Banawe St., Quezon City

If you’re veering away from Asian food, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, a well-known African-Portuguese restaurant specializing in its world-famous Peri-Peri Chicken and Peri-Peri BBQ Back Ribs, now has a branch in Banawe, too! You can get a whole chicken for Php 553.00 and a whole slab of ribs for Php 1,150.00—both of which are perfect for group or family sharing! You can choose from corn and carrots, coleslaw, tortilla, hummus, mashed potato, or rice as your side dishes.

7. Chachago

Location: 808 Banawe St., Quezon City


Chachago’s Lychee Milk (Php 110.00 for Medium, Php 120.00 for Large)

By now, you’re probably familiar with Chachago because they already established numerous branches around the metro. If you’re craving for milk tea or fruit teas, be sure to drop by! Make sure to order their best-selling drinks, like the California Mix Fruit Tea (Php 130.00 for Medium, Php 140.00 for Large), Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Php 130.00 for Medium, Php 140.00 for Large), Chachago Pearl Milk Tea (Php 100.00 for Medium, Php 110.00 for Large), or the Lychee Milk (Php 110.00 for Medium, Php 120.00 for Large). All are good options to quench your thirst from all the pigging out.

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