Bananuts: Heavenly Cupcakes Right at Your Doorstep

Bananuts: Heavenly Cupcakes Right at Your Doorstep


When in Manila, we want the best without compromising convenience with our busy schedules. Sudden cravings pop up here and there. Birthday parties and occasions calling for special presents come regularly. And then there are those normal days that we want to turn into special ones with a box of goodies. Well, you should try out Bananuts by Elle & Bheng for this.


Bananuts Cupcakes


How would you like to go home to a box of happiness to make your day? They deliver it personally, by the way.

And they’re DTI registered! For paranoid online buyers like me, you’re assured with this one.


Bananuts Cupcakes


Calling all chocolate lovers, you should go check this out. Your favorite Kitkat or Ferrero made a hundred times better. These will pretty much make you drool. Ready?


Premium Bananuts Cupcakes

Bananuts CupcakesChocolate Crunch

Crunchy chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!

Bananuts CupcakesReese’s Overload

Come on, who doesn’t love Reese’s?

Bananuts CupcakesFerrero Hazelnut

Now you won’t need to give your girl a cliched heart-shaped package of Ferrero because here is something sweeter!

Bananuts CupcakesKinder Bueno Vanilla Cream

Oh, my favorite chocolate Kinder Bueno. This is simply heaven.

Bananuts CupcakesMaltesers Double Chocolate

Yes, the frosting tastes as good as it looks.

Bananuts by Elle & Bheng little musketeer Crunch cupcakeLittle Musketeer

Topped with Werther’s Original chocolate.

Bananuts CupcakesCaramel Kisses

This is one of the best things about them: they know exactly which frosting and base cupcake flavour compliments each type of chocolate.

Bananuts CupcakesCaramel Twix

See that caramel ooze?

Bananuts CupcakesBite My Kitkat

Aaand the classic Kitkat!