Go Unique with Handcrafted Bamboo Sunglasses : GSunnies KAHOY Edisyon

Go Unique with Handcrafted Bamboo Sunglasses : GSunnies KAHOY Edisyon


When in Manila or in any of the beautiful beaches of the Philippines, have you ever found yourself soaking in the sun, feeling the cool water, enjoying the scenery in that perfect beachy OOTD when you suddenly spot something from afar and in your excitement drop your sunglasses worth a couple of thousand pesos and lose it in the current … forever?

I’ve discovered the perfect kind of eyewear that you can wear to the beach or anywhere that will float in case you get into accidents like these. Georgina Sasha, an amazing Filipina online entreprenuer, offers the KAHOY Edisyon line under her sunglass flagship brand GSunnies.

KAHOY offers a selection of eco-frienedly sunglasses that are all handcrafted from sustainable bamboo in light natural wax coating.

Mowgli Brown or Natural

PhP 1,980



Photo from georginasasha.com


Mowgli Brown or Natural has the classic wayfarer style that suits all shapes of faces. From casual to corporate attire, these glasses will give you a very special look. The gorgeous natural bamboo frame and gray lenses are handmade, too, so expect each pair to be uniquely different.


Baloo Brown
PhP 1,950.00



Photo from georginasasha.com


Baloo has a cute rounded frame that is best for square or heart-shaped faces. Baloo also fits small faces perfectly! The tinted brown bamboo and gray lenses can be styled with your favorite maxi dress or girly attire. Because it’s handmade, expect each pair to be uniquely different.


PhP 1,880.00



Photo from georginasasha.com


Akela looks like the classic wayfarer, but features a flattop style, perfect to pair with your favorite look. The gorgeous natural bamboo frame and gray lenses are handmade, so expect each pair to be uniquely different.

Each pair comes with a bamboo case + FREE high-quality microfiber pouch. And for every pair purchase of KAHOY, a percentage will go to https://www.everynation.org.ph/ 

BUY YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONE A PAIR, AND GET P160.00 OFF! Just message Georgina on her CONTACT page to get your discount!

These sunglasses are unisex, use polarized lenses, have 100% UVA/UVB protection, are water resistant (floats in water) and use stainless steel spring hinges for a universal fit.

TIP for caring for bamboo sunglasses: Do not soak them in water. If the glasses happen to get wet, don’t let them air-dry. Make sure to dry them with a clean cloth or the micro-fiber pouch included to ensure the wood remains in tip-top shape.

Tried on a Mowgli Brown on a casual day and it was perfect. I could also imagine myself wearing this to a more formal event like a wedding while wearing my wedding photographer hat. Very chic and versatile.



Here’s Georgina Sasha wearing one of her KAHOY creations.


Photo from IG @georginasasha


A lot of detail was definitely put into each handmade KAHOY Edisyon pair with special carvings on the side and on the packaging.  They smell really good when you open it, too. 




GSunnies are catching on. They have even been featured in FashionFeedLV Magazine, Las Vegas.


Photo from @fashionfeedlv magazine


When In Manila, go unique, eco-friendly, handmade, and support Pinoy products with the Kahoy Edisyon Bamboo Sunglasses by Georgina Sasha.


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GSunnies KAHOY Edisyon


Website : www.georginasasha.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/georginasasha

Instagram / Twitter : @georginasasha

Go Unique with Handcrafted Bamboo Sunglasses : GSunnies KAHOY Edisyon


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