Baker Belles: Original Treats for your Sweet Tooth

Are you up for trying out something a bit more different from your ordinary desserts? Then I suggest you take a bite out of these homemade goodies from Baker Belles



These are all of their original Triple Treats(12 pcs/Php 420.00) that have been selling out in the bazaars that they were launched in. Think fudgy walnut brownies, very buttery butterscotch and a sprinkling of chocolate chips and melted marshmallows on top. It’s like a brownie pizza with ooey gooey melted marshmallows that will send your sweet tooth to cloud nine. Would you believe that all of this was just an accidental success? My kids and I just can’t get enough of all of this!


Aside from the Triple Treats, Baker Belles also has these Cheesecake Sandwich Crinkles(12 pcs/Php 420.00) that spell out perfection when matched with a cup of coffee or tea. They come in two flavours: Red Velvet and Yummy Ube. I personally love the Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting because it actually tastes like Red Velvet Cheesecake, which is my favorite cake of all.


For the cream cheese frosting that’s wedged in-between the crinkles, Baker Belle Meg said I made a special cream cheese frosting na silky (in texture) that’s just like a no-bake cheesecake.. Kasi ayaw ko ng grainy na cream cheese frosting that’s usually too sweet in taste when it’s not supposed to be like that. So I came up with my own recipe that will offset the sweetness of the crinkles kasi diba puro powdered sugar siya on top?



As for the Yummy Ube, the idea was behind the connotation of “Ube Keso” and since almost everyone in her family loves the purple yam, she created these, as well.


Now, who here loves cherries or Black Forest cakes? (raises hand and shouts ME! ) Now you can taste them in cookie crinkle form with their Black Forest Crinkle(12 pcs/Php240.00). This one’s got some Marsachino Cherries to please your tastebuds.


If you’re a more into nuts, entertain your senses with their Nutty Surprise(12 pcs/Php240.00). It’s a choco crinkle with a peanut-filled center. For those who are into Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, this one’s made just for you!


They also have another out-of-this-world crinkle known as the Coco Crazy(12 pcs/Php240.00). As I took a bite out of it, it reminded me of those times I would buy some macapuno at the bus stations, but this one’s way better in texture, is wrapped in Belgian chocolate crinkle goodness and I guarantee you: it will take you back to your childhood. 😀


The classic chocolate crinkle comes in the form of Plain Jane(12 pcs./Php 145.00). That’s the white one sandwiched in between all the other colored crinkles. However, there’s nothing plain about this crinkle. Just like its sisters, it’s made with Belgian chocolate and is perfectly moist and chewey.

Baker Belles is Meg’s vision coming to reality as she started to bake as early as 12 years old. That’s more than 10 years of baking expertise that’s being handed out with every  bite.


As she out it herself, “I’m the type of baker na super OCD. When I bake, I will not stop until I get the right sweetness, right flavor. There was even this one time when I experimented on chocolate cake and hindi ako nasatisfy…I baked one recipe of chocolate cake a day for a week. And yung mga kapatid ko and family ko nagsawa, and they ate chocolate cake for a year.” 


Baker Belles is thus named as Meg’s tribute to her female peers who have helped and motivated her to continue with what she does best. It’s a home based bakeshop, situated in BF, Paranaque. You can get a treat from them yourself with a minimum of 12 pcs per order and have them delivered at your doorstep or meet the baker in person. Meg was surprised with the response when she first launched her goodies in a bazaar at the World Trade Center because they were sold out on the first day. I think it’s because of the out-of-the-box creations that Baker Belles offers.

They also have promos for Valentine’s Day right now, including special pickup points and free shipping for a dozen ordered treats around Metro Manila. And instead of the minimum 12, it’s changed to 6, but just for V-Day. Check out their Facebook Page for more details.

Baker Belles


Viber: 0915-889-9081

Mobile: 0922-401-2250

Instagram: @bakerbelles

Baker Belles Facebook Page


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