Bake House: Trans-Fat-Free, All-Natural Pastries in a Gorgeous Cafe

An aroma of freshly baked bread and brewing coffee will welcome you upon entering the lobby of Shangri-La The Fort, and it’s no wonder why since the hotel has opened a new cafe and bakeshop called Bake House. It’s hard to grasp that its rustic and contemporary interiors are real; it’s like an image that came out straight out of Pinterest. From the ceiling to the walls to the furniture – everything is Instagrammable.

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Photo from Bake House Manila

However, what earns Bake House its reliable patrons is more than its looks and the smell of its offerings; it’s mainly because of the fact that their pastries are freshly-made with a conscious heart. Their collection of sweet and savory delights are all-natural, trans-fat free, and free from artificial dyes and coloring! It’s also a plus that their prices are really affordable.

Without further ado, here are our favorites from Bake House:

Bake House Manila 8

Apple Turnover, Php85

Out of all of the pastries that we tried, the Apple Turnover really won my heart. It’s a flaky sugar Danish pastry filled with granny smith apple compote and cream cheese infused with cinnamon. Just imagine how the cream cheese filling perfectly joins together with the apples in your mouth! If you are visiting Bake House for the first time and don’t know what to get and try first, order this. *wink*

Bake House Manila 9

Ohaina Slice, Php150

If you love cakes, you can start with a slice of Ohaina. This cake is made of Davao’s dark chocolate with layer chocolate ganache, chocolate genoise sponge, and crispy chocolate feuillitine. It’s okay. We won’t judge if you take a picture of this pretty cake first!

Bake House Manila 4

Pasteis de Nata, Php45

You don’t need to travel abroad to satisfy your cravings for a good egg tart. You can now get your fill at Bake House Manila and enjoy their Pasteis de Nata aka their Tart with a Heart. This rich egg custard with flaky crust is one of the best pastries in the collection, and it will make you visit Bake House again and again.

Bake House Manila 7

Strawberry Lychee, Php150

They also have cute, petite cakes like the Strawberry Lychee that is almost too pretty too to eat, and where the combination of sweet and zesty strawberry goodness will play with your tastebuds.

WIM TIP: They usually bring out the freshest of the freshly baked goodies in the morning upon opening and at 6PM. As such, those would be the best times to visit! 

Bake House Manila 2

Ham and Cheese Croissant, Php95

Bake House’s selection of savory treats includes this Ham and Cheese croissant, which is ideal for a quick snack, lunch, or breakfast. The Tomato and Onion Quiche is great, too.

Bake House Manila 5

Tomato and Onion Quiche, Php180

Aside from my favorite Apple Turnover, another superstar is the Conscious Cookie, which is a product of the cafe’s efforts to avoid food waste as much as possible. It is made of ingredients’ trims and cuts from other pastries from their daily baking. Basically, instead of throwing away those delicious pretzels, chocolate chips, and more that did not get included in the finished baked treats, Bake House Manila assembles them and transforms them into delectable cookies daily.

Bake House Manila 1

The Conscious Cookie, Php60

In case you want to take out some of these goodies to share with your loved ones, you’ll be happy to hear that Bake House’s packaging is also made out of biodegradable, compostable and recyclable materials such as Kraft paper and boxes.

Bake House also partners with Toby Estate for their curated coffee collection and other beverages such as Hey, Brew!, the cafe’s homemade kombucha, specialty teas, and (what got me really curious) the Cauli-ccino, which is cappuccino with cauliflower. I know, right? How interesting is that?


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Another highlight of this new dining destination in BGC is it being a cozy place for work. The cafe has sockets all over the place, as well as reliable WiFi connection. 

So, if you’re looking for a conducive place to finish work while enjoying some indulgent baked treats, Bake House is definitely one of the best places for that.

Bake House

Shangri-La The Fort, 30th St, Taguig

Instagram: @bakehousemnl