Panagbenga Flower Festival in Baguio City 2012 in Full Bloom

Panagbenga  Flower Festival 2012

When in Manila, it is a must to witness this colorful annual event happening every February at the Summer Capital of the Philippines which is non other than BAGUIO CITY!

This year, the  When In Manila dynamic  duo bravely wandered up north and joined the official media for the coverage of the Panagbenga Flower Festival 2012. It was such  an honor to join the official media this year and we are proud to represent for this!



my talented partner Frank ready for another adventure!



We’d like to show you the colorful sites and happenings for this year’s Panagbenga Flower Festival!





The term “Panagbenga” is actually  a Kankanaey term meaning “a season of blooming.” As homage to the beautiful flowers which Baguio City is known for, the Baguio Government along with the Baguio Flower Festival Association (BFFA) work tirelessly to provide the public with unforgettable experiences every year!



Here are some photos we took during  the Panagbenga Flower Festival parade!



Since we were part of the official media, we were asked to arrive early to get in the designated places only for the official press.   





we ain’t part of the crowd no more for this year we had the privilege to be part of the official media!




Time to bloom once again and this year the Panagbenga Flower Festival is as colorful as ever!!



This year over 20 floats joined the parade and all of them surely wowed the crowd!





feel the beat!



it was such a delight to see the crowd go wild!




Aside from the fabulous flowery floats, music and dances filled the street with life!











great job!



Our personal recommendations…


Being your resident food and travel connoisseurs, of course we got some recommended places and flavors for you!


Frank and I love going to places which are out of the ordinary. Frank has been regularly attending the Panagbenga Flower Festival for years now, but it’s also his first time to experience such things. We wanted to visit more places but due to lack of time, we’ve decided to just do it on the next trip.


1. Oh My Gulay – Located at the topmost floor of the La Azotea building along the famous Session Road lies an art gallery and a vegetarian restaurant with interiors so captivating! We recommend you try their Bulaklak Tempura!


Oh My Gulay!!!



2. Experience PinikpikanPinikpikan is a dish from the mountains of the Cordillera region which is prepared by beating a live chicken with a stick prior to cooking. The beating bruises the chicken’s flesh, bringing blood to its surface, which is said to improve the flavour after cooking. It is just like the Tinolang Manok… only tastier!




3. Ben Cab Museum – Aside from appreciating the artworks of one of our very own National Artists, you will surely be enthralled with the magnificent sites which you’d see! It was so peaceful there! We enjoyed dining at the Cafe Isabel which is located at the basement. They got very nice pasta dishes there!


the fine pasta dishes at Cafe Isabel



as thousands of people fill the city… we were one of those few lucky souls who found peace and quiet

We love this place to much!





4. Tam-awan Village– If you’re interested in knowing more about the Ifugao culture and would like to go on a nice healthy short trek, then we recommend you visit Baguio’s Floating gardens.



the Tam-awan peak


There is more to Baguio than just strawberries, peanut brittle, Burham Park and all other usual places. All you need to do is take the time to research or better yet, ask a local or if you have friends who live there, try to spend the night at their place.  I’m sure you’d hear a lot of tales about the real Baguio! How about swimming in Baguio for a change? Do you know of more places to visit when in Baguio? Please to suggest more places so we can check them out and have them featured here on when in Manila.

With all the colorful festivals we  have every month, it is indeed more fun in the Philippines!


Panagbenga Flower Festival






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Panagbenga Flower Festival in Baguio City 2012 in Full Bloom

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