Bags by Two Oranges: For Your Mommy and College Needs

WHEN IN MANILA, and attending college in one of the top universities in the Philippines where brains, crazy social skills, and mad fashion is needed in order to fit in, a cute and chic purse won’t fit all of the crazy readings your prof assigns you. With that, you’ll need the perfect bag to fit all of the readings, projects, and your lappy and at the same time look chic and fabulous!


Bags by Two Oranges is an online shop that caters to mommies, college students, and any gal who has the need for a gigantic bag without looking hideous in the sea of women toting itty bitty purses. Among their fantastically fabulous line, here are a couple of my faves from Bags by Two Oranges that I just love toting around campus on my way to class to bits.




This Aztec inspired piece by Bags by Two Oranges is my go-to for days where my little red satchel just won’t do. Really, it is the perfect tote for school! With its unimaginable size and pockets that seem to be everywhere, its every college girl’s dream bag.




This giant bucket bag is too cute for words! Really! To be honest, I was never sold to the idea of canvas bags. After all, I was more of the leather type of gal. But as soon as I laid my eyes into this yellow bucket of sunshine, I swear, I was in love.


So what are you waiting for college When In Manila readers? Check out Bags by Two Oranges for your mommy and college needs WHEN IN MANILA.


P.S. Bags by Two Oranges are also available exclusively at Zalora.





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Bags by Two Oranges: For Your Mommy and College Needs