Bacardi Dinner with David Cordoba in Manila

There’s no doubt that Bacardi is the best choice when in it comes to “rum”. That’s why when they invited When In Manila for an intimate dinner with one of the world’s leading mixologist, David Cordoba, I knew I should go!



Rum is classified by basic definition as a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane. It undergoes either fermentation or distillation which results in a clear liquid that is usually aged in oak barrels – much like most other liquor. Having said that, rum is commonly defined by its spice, just like vodka for its purity. 



 Bottles of Bacardi Rums that are aged to perfection! 



And because it finds its core in the value of the flavor it inherently keeps as well as the manner and beauty by which it mixes with other beverages, rum is more often than not also defined as romantic. That’s why a week before the recent holidays, Bacardi, the oldest and largest distributor of this spirits invited a hand-picked few — including me — for a night of rum-mixing and glasses of Bacardi Daiquiri!






We were treated to a unlimited glasses of our choice Bacardi mix:  Daiquiri,  Mojito,  Pina Colada and Cuba Libre. The mixes were prepared by the world-renowned mixologist himself, David Cordoba with the help of Bacardi Ambassadorial program member Arijit Bose. 



Arijit Bose and David Cordoba mixing our Bacardi drinks!



After a sumptuous Spanish dinner at El Cirkulo and chit-chat with the man of the hour, an exhibition of mixing — and proper mixing of rum, at that — was done! You know here in the Philippines, we are known to mix rum with soda, which is not the proper way to drink it.



David showing us the proper mixing of  Bacardi rum. 



Coming from someone who drank rum straight from the bottle, the mixes prepared by Arajit and David were truly wonderful and doesn’t have that strong kick — and no, I’m not alcoholic. It was really amazing hearing stories from the brand ambassador himself, David, who have come to the different parts of the world just telling the same story over and over again. That just say how much he loved what he is doing.








The Bacardi Cuba Libre was nothing like the guests tasted with essentially the same ingredients adding only a slice of lime — proving that there is something to the Bacardi touch that truly defines this liquor and puts it in its proper place. Those who were not fans of the Pina Colada applauded the freshness of the Bacardi version and clamoured for glasses of the perfect Mojito and the signature Daiquiri throughout the rest of the evening.


6I was also amazed at how he is doing everything! 


9RJ Ledesma seems to enjoy one of the mix that David prepared for us.



David also prepared drinks that are from what he described as “the bible of bartenders”. He even asked socialites  Melo Esguerra and Sunshine de Leon to read parts of the book for us.





David Cordoba showing his copy of the first edition of The Savoy Cocktail Book.



From the book he made about six more Bacardi mixes for us to drink. These two are my favorites!



10Tropical cocktail with Bacardi Rum, perfect for a sunny day at the beach!


12Bacardi Rum with Coffee anyone? Yes, even I never thought it would be possible!



All I have is applause and praise for Mr. David Cordoba! Bravo!


IMG_2717Oh and they gave me a bottle of Superior Bacardi Rum! Time to make my own Daiquiri!



Ito Zamora, Polina Kalashinikova, David Cordoba,Bobby Campos, Sunshine de Leon, Carmina Sanchez-Jacob, Au Aguilar, Demi Keenan, Arijit Bose, and Ross Bautista


It was truly a night wort remembering! The stories, the food and the glasses upon glasses of Bacardi rum mixes! Bacardi are distributed here in the Philippines by Future Trade International. 






Bacardi liquors are available in leading supermarkets nationwide and

specialty liquor stores around the metro.



Photos from Nikko Panti and Bacardi – Martini Philippines




Bacardi Dinner with David Cordoba in Manila



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