Baby Boy with Down Syndrome Becomes Model for International Brand

Today, the world is focused on what we see online. Our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts are mostly filled with curated images made to look as pleasing or “aesthetic” to the audience. The online world is superficial and looks seem to be the basis of popularity in gaining likes or follows.

In 2016, a mom from Georgia, Megan Nash learned about a casting call for a popular kid’s clothing brand. Apparently, OshKosh was looking for a new model for their brand and Megan submitted photos of her 15-month-old toddler named Asher to the agency.


Unfortunately, during the first time Nash sent over the photos, she soon came to understand that the photos she submitted were not actually shown to the clothing company.

One person at the agency had emailed Nash which explained that the agency purposely did not pass Asher’s photos because the casting call criteria had not specified they were looking for a baby with special needs. Nash said: “That puzzled me and so I asked if they had said they did not want a baby with special needs,”

“When she said, ‘No, that they didn’t specify either way,’ I asked why we wouldn’t always submit him then?” Nash shares in an interview with BS news,



But for the good news: Asher’s mother learned about Changing The Face of Beauty, a non-profit organization whose main goal is encouraging companies to start valuing children who have disabilities in advertisements. Nash added: “They encourage families to share pictures on social media and tag brands that are not yet using kids with disabilities in hopes to change their minds.”

When they saw Asher, the company decided to give him an advertisement on the spot. “I want the world to see just how amazing he is and just how amazing other people with Down syndrome are,” Nash shares to AJC.

“My intentions were not for me to tell anyone my son needs to be in there over anyone else,” she said. “I’m really just trying to take a stand for him and other children and babies and adults like him.”

As we commonly know about the modeling industry, an appearance that is flawless is a top priority when hiring. This stigma was shattered as Asher, Megan’s little boy who has Down Syndrome, won a modeling contract for a brand.

And as for recent news, the cheerful little Asher has started school and taken part in the A&E Network’s “Born This Way” project.