Avengers: Infinity War comes out NEXT MONTH!

The much-awaited Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War’s release will now come out next month, a week prior to its original release date!

After the premiere of Black Panther on February 14, May 4th has already been marked on our calendars for the most star-studded Marvel movie yet. A couple of weeks on, most of us probably are still hung over with the coronation of King T’Challa and the revelation of Wakanda to the world.

Seems like they want to keep the hype up, tho!

Pinned on Marvel Studios’ Twitter profile is something to stimulate their waiting fans.

Tony Stark replied but did not answer the question. Instead, he posted a request…

…to which they couldn’t resist.

However, Stark didn’t want to enjoy it alone.

Although, he failed to be specific…

…he had a greater number of friends than that!

As he previously said on Iron Man 2, “if there’s one thing I’ve proven, it’s that you can count on me to pleasure myself.”

If you’re wondering if he can really do that, without a doubt, he can.

Looks like the filmmakers couldn’t wait to show us their masterpiece as much as we’d like to see it!

The Avengers sequel will be showing in cinemas on April 27, 2018.

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