Authority Hoodie: The most creative comics, anime, movie, and game character hoodies!

Authority Hoodie: The most creative comics, anime, movie, and game character hoodies!

When In Manila, we find so many characters we love wearing bad-ass costumes or just simply being cool with their outfit in the specific comics, anime, movie or game they are living in. No need to hide it, but everyone of us would want to wear these cool outfits personally, and many of us would find it even awesome to be able to pull-off or wear these bad-ass costumes of our favorite characters on a daily basis without being overbearing right? So how can you put a bad-ass character costume or outfit into something you can wear daily? A hoodie! Of course! Authority Hoodie comes to save the day! Or the week! Depending on how often you plan to wear your hoodies without washing hehehe


Authority Hoodie is a local online brand made by people who love their comics, anime, movies and games. Authority Hoodie is 100% Filipino made, and 100% home made! With all the detail and uniqueness of the designs, it is just amazing at how they make these all home made! Authority Hoodie has been very active in the different toys, anime, comics and other conventions that had been running throughout the metro. They are also one of those who are most known in these fests and conventions due to their wide range of different hoodies catering to anime lovers, comic geeks, movie fanatics and gaming aficionados.


Authority Hoodie‘s latest release are their Nightwing and Robin hoodies. Carving up hoodies that resemble identically Nightwing’s incredibly bad-ass superhero costume, and the Robin superhero costume that is more identical to the Damian Wayne Robin version. To be honest, I think Authority Hoodie did an amazing job in choosing Damian Wayne’s Robin superhero costume to mold their Robin hoodie from. It has more detail and better design than the other Robin superhero outfits. The details and design is awesome! From the lines, the textures and the badge, all are made with great attention to detail. The addition of thumb holes also give the hoodies a more “superhero” feel and effect when wearing them with thumbs through the sleeves. Amazing work!


The level of detail of Authority Hoodie‘s works are incredibly detailed for each part, and you won’t find any cheaply done or rushed made parts on any of their designs. All are done to relieve a well detailed reflection of each character’s outfit, as well as to create a comfortable hoodie. Best thing about all these, they are very affordable and the price is very very good for the design and craftsmanship! Authority Hoodie churns out often new and different unique designs so better check them out on Facebook! Link to ordering is posted below. Nightwing hoodies are sold at Php 1,200. Robin Hoodies are sold at Php 1,250.


They even brought out How To Train Your Dragon 2 Toothless plushies and Jackets!!! Speaking of cool and cute! These are just must haves!


Check-out these additional insanely kick-ass photos of Authority Hoodie’s other designs below:





Authority Hoodie


Authority Hoodie’s Facebook Page:

Photos by: Ken Chua



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Authority Hoodie: The most creative comics, anime, movie, and game character hoodies!

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