Audeze LCD-2: $995 Planar magnetic headphone, one of the world’s best!

When In Manila and you want to seek one of the world’s best headphone ever, and you want one that does not need so much power to drive and to sound great, first headphone to come to my senses are the Audeze LCD-2. These are one of the WORLD’S BEST headphones and are well regard for that for quite a long time now. And I extremely doubt that they will ever be knocked off of the charts any time soon. The Audeze LCD-2 has been in the spot for years, and they’ve never missed making it to the list of the world’s best headphones.







Audeze builds their own planar magnetic technology equipped drivers that aims to deliver the most accurate sound reproduction available today. They also hand select each wood that is used for each Audeze LCD-2 headphone that they produce. Ensuring customers that they receive the best quality possible and one of the best crafted headphones in the entire world. This makes Audeze and their Audeze LCD-2, a one of a kind in the world.






Build/Packaging: As a premiere product and as one of the leading brands in planar magnetic headphone technology in the world, Audeze ensures a complete packaging for such a premiere product. I really love how the Audeze LCD-2 comes in a very durable, air-tight and waterproof  “Pelican” like carrying case. It doubles as a carry case and as the storage for the Audeze LCD-2. Ensuring maximum protection and care for the Audeze LCD-2 and also for the beautiful finish of the Audeze LCD-2‘s wood and lambskin. The entire package of the Audeze LCD-2 came to my doorstep also with its very own frequency graph. Yes, each Audeze LCD-2 gets their frequency range tested and graphed into the package. How cool is that? They also come with the whole warranty brochure and documentation of how to use and to care for your Audeze LCD-2. Upon opening of the Audeze LCD-2‘s case, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful wood of the Audeze LCD-2! It was the first thing that struck me upon unboxing! The Audeze LCD-2 sits firmly inside the carry case along with their detachable cables and, oh look! Wax and a cleaning cloth described in the documentation to clean and maintain the wood and lambskin leather! Neat! You already get maximum protection, you even get maximum care! Now, other companies should take note of this wonderful work of Audeze.



 Just look at how the wood and lambskin shine!




Moving now to the build quality of the Audeze LCD-2, my goly, I cannot find any fault. They are just… so… beautiful! Beautiful bamboo wood mixed with lambskin leather, and those well crafted air vents, I cannot find any fault in the design! You can probably have a pair to match with an entire home decor. Gorgeous! I am not being biased anywhere here, but the Audeze LCD-2 had always been the most beautiful headphone design I have ever encountered in my entire life. The Sennheiser HD800 and HD700 might be darn good looking as well, but those designs look more futuristic than the sophisticated classical mixed modern design of the Audeze LCD-2.



 Yep, planar magnetic technology wins over the usual drivers.



Having the Audeze LCD-2 in your hands, they feel very very sturdy. The weight and texture of every area of the Audeze LCD-2 gives more than enough security that they are nowhere near flimsy or infused with any cheap material. Of course, no matter how sturdy or durable they feel, you wouldn’t want to put a scratch on this beauty. Specially a dent! The detachable cables of the Audeze LCD-2 are also premium made with 140 strands of audio grade copper and a very very hard and durable Y-split at the middle, and with a firm 6.3mm jack and mini-XLRs which are professional grade for the connection to the Audeze LCD-2. There is also an option to get the cable with an XLR termination for input. I love the detchable cables on the Audeze LCD-2! I love the fact that they are connected via a mini-XLR instead of those mini female plugs on other headphones. I feel more secure plugging and un-plugging cables with mini-XLRs. One reason for this is the fact that, you don’t have to worry much about accidental cable tugging and with the cable restrain.


 You know it’s authentic wood when it turns dark a few hours after opening.



Moving to the wood of the Audeze LCD-2 which I cannot skip since they are just darn beautiful, the Audeze LCD-2 can be purchased with the choice of either Rosewood or Bamboo. If I had the money, I would like to have both! Now, you might be thinking that it would be hassle to maintain and preserve the wood right? That was my same sentiments about the Audeze LCD-2 since way before, until I got the Audeze LCD-2 and read through the entire documents about wood and leather care. You only have to wax the wood every 6 months which is great news! And I have never heard anyone so far with having any problem with the wood, so there’s nothing to worry about.


 “Audeze LCD-2”



Sound Quality: Now this is what blew me away of course. The sound quality! When I went to Tokyo Japan, I had the chance of exploring many audio shops and audiophile stores to try out many headphones and amplifiers to my heart’s content. Even those that my wallet might never ever reach. I even had the chance to step inside the Sennheiser showroom and sit by myself and have an intimate time with Sennheiser’s flagship headphone, the Sennheiser HD800 paired with an Esoteric desktop CD player which costs around the price of a 2nd hand car or a brand new low-end car model, matched with a McAudi desktop amplifier which is cheaper but still a price of an old 2nd hand car. So I was sitting and listening to a set-up that was nearing 1 MILLION PESOS and it was so resolving that I didn’t want to leave. And now, upon hearing the Audeze LCD-2 for the first time powered by my very own humble set-up; Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo DAC combined with my ALO audio RxMK3-B amplifier, I knew right away that it was definitely at par and even had its own strengths against the Sennheiser HD800. I right away noticed how emotional the Audeze LCD-2 is! It portrays even the song’s emotion very well. The bass notes may not be rattling your ear lobes and shaking your ear drums like crazy, but they give incredibly good textured and detailed impact. They might be the headphone with the most accurate and most satisfying bass quality ever.


 Can’t get enough of that beautiful Bamboo wood and Lambskin leather!



The mids/vocals on the Audeze LCD-2 are beautifully detailed and warm! Sweet lush mids I must say! You can hear the singer inhale before releasing some lyrics. The vocals establish thick and heavy notes, giving that very deep emotional feel. On Jazz tracks like Elisa Fiorillo’s “Don’t Be Afraid”, Elisa Fiorillo’s voice feels much more lush and crisp than I’ve heard before. And to note on the same track with the Audeze LCD-2, is how the saxophone solo feels like it is being played live right in-front of you on the right side of the stage. Amazing! Playing Cynthia Harrell’s “Snake Eater” on the Audeze LCD-2, Cynthia’s vocals are so powerful and full of body that it makes my hair stand every time she belts-out a note along with those aggressive saxophones. Her vocals on the track along with those aggressive saxophone notes leave a lingering sensation due to their full bodied presentation and warmth on the Audeze LCD-2. It is as if I can feel the notes in my chest due to their very full bodied presentation and emotion.


 Check-out that sexy grille



With the highs however, they don’t have that great sparkle that the Sennheiser HD800 has, but don’t take it as a down-side. The Audeze LCD-2‘s highs are crisp, clear and very well articulate anddetailed. They’re just not that very sparkly bright like the Sennheiser HD800. But what’s great about them is that they retain that articulate detail on the highs but also does not have the treble being to overdone or spiking. The incredible articulation and detail is there, without the annoying spikes that other more headphones have. Specially with track mastered with overdone highs. The overall tonal balance of the Audeze LCD-2 is warm which is evident with their specialization with the lower regions, and I just love how they are presented this way. The warmth and openness of the sound makes me feel like I am captivated inside the sound instead of the usual feeling that the music is just inside your head.



 Professional grade mini-XLRs connecting to the LCD-2 and 6.3mm input jack.



Sound stage with the Audeze LCD-2 depends mostly on the track that you are playing. If you’re playing a track that is mastered with a basic in-your-face feel, the sound stage will remain close and presented forward. But with live tracks and songs with huge sound stage, wow, just huge! It’s as if you’re at the live concert among the crowd! Instrument separation are also very well refined. If you want to focus on a single instrument in the music, it’s easy to spot and distinguish and focus to it because of the very well refined separation that each instrument is placed. Nothing is muddy or distorted or indistinguishable. This is how articulate and extremely defined the Audeze LCD-2 is. I cannot get tired listening to the Audeze LCD-2. My first listening session with the Audeze LCD-2 may have clocked the whole afternoon and I was shaking my head in amazement on how my playlist have become much more  enticing. I came from top-tier headphones already and moving to the advanced planar magnetic technology and one of the world’s best has been much much more resolving in terms of sound quality. Just fascinating how my music feels so alive and emotional with the Audeze LCD-2! These will forever be a part of my headphone line-up! I’ve always been sure why the Audeze LCD-2 has always been regarded as one of the world’s best headphones, but the longer I spend my time with it now, the more I am amazed. The Audeze LCD-2 is nearing its way to become a legend for sure.





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Audeze LCD-2: $995 Planar magnetic headphone, one of the world’s best!


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