Atty. Chel Diokno Shares How to Report Text Scams

How many text scams do you receive in a day? How many times have you jumped out of your seat just to check a possibly important text message only to find out it’s nothing but a pesky scam? These scams are rampant and the sad thing is that we can’t do anything about them…or so we thought.

In a recent social media post, Attorney Chel Diokno shared how to report text scams. The steps are as follows:

  1. Screenshot the text message.
  2. Send the screenshot to your service provider to have their number deactivated.
    • For Globe subscribers, go to https://www.globe.com.ph/stop-scam
    • For Smart subscribers, email cybersecurityincidents_customers@smart.com.ph
    • For Dito subscribers, email customerservice@dito.ph
  3. File a complaint to the National Privacy Commission.
    • Contact the National Privacy Commission (NPC) through email (reportsmishing@privacy.gov.ph / complaints@privacy.gov.ph) or visit their website (https://www.privacy.gov.ph)

He then proceeds to explain the Data Privacy Act and how it can help us protect our personal information. According to Atty. Diokno, reporting these text scams will also help the NPC track down the sources of these fraudulent acts. Watch the full video below:

@attycheldiokno i-Report ang mga text scams! Narito ang mga steps #legallifehack #fyp #textscam ♬ April – The Young Ebenezers

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