Attention, Mommies: No Breastfeeding Station in the Mall? Here’s a Tip!

A mother should never be shamed for feeding her own baby. After all, breastfeeding is natural and beautiful!

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of malls in the Philippines without breastfeeding stations—but don’t get discouraged! Actress and blogger Jennica Garcia-Uytingco of Kalinga ni Nanay shares a very useful tip for all breastfeeding mommas out there:

“Don’t let malls WITHOUT a breastfeeding area stop you from breastfeeding/pumping milk. A lot of clothing stores, especially the ones with more than one fitting room would let you use theirs. Just say it casually and in a pleasant manner. Earlier I said something like: “Ate pasensya na po, wala kasing breastfeeding area. Pwede po ba makigamit ng fitting room. Mag pump lang po ako, mga 15 minutes lang po yun.” You’ll be surprised with their reaction. Very accommodating naman lalo na kapag sa kapwa mo Nanay ka rin nagtanong.”

Latch on, mommas!

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