“Attack on Titan” Vol. 4’s Blu-Ray Cover Is Here, Eren’s Latest Titan Form Name Revealed

The Blu-ray cover for “Attack on Titan” Volume 4 is here! Their official Twitter account posted, “Mikasa and Armin are looking at the impactful visuals of Eren in his childhood and The Final Titan, Eren’s final titan form!”

Yes, they just revealed it to the fans! AoT author Hajime Isayama finally shared the name of Eren Jaeger’s final titan form! Whoever handles the account appeared to be very curious about it too. “Because there was no classification name, I asked Sir Isayama to give it to me,” they wrote.

If you have finished watching the latest episodes of the anime, you will know that Eren’s titan form has transformed. This comes after defeating more enemies and taking their powers, thus transforming his titan’s characteristics and abilities. At this point, his form is nothing like the original.

Initially, Eren’s titan form was known to be “Attack Titan” in the third season. This explained the series’ title “Shingeki no Kyojin,” which directly translates to “Attack Titan” (not “Attack on Titan”).

In a reply to the same tweet, they confirmed that the Attack Titan’s new titan form will be called “Shubi no Kyojin”. According to Anime Corner, “shubi” can also mean “defense” but “this reading refers to the tail end of things–something final, last.

“Attack on Titan” anime’s final season part 3 will be released next year and is expected to adapt the rest of the manga.

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