Ateneo Mathematics Society launches Electronic Type of Sports Tournament and Carnival Games

Article by Bryan Patrick Mande


Ateneo Mathematics Society, the home organization of the Math Majors and Math Enthusiasts for over 58 years, will be hosting AMS Sports Week with Carnaval as the theme, an annual event that formulates strong camaraderie within the organization, from May 3-7, 2021. This event is open to all AMS members only.

Sports Week Poster

However, because of the pandemic, this year’s Sports Week is different from the usual event where Ateneo Mathematics Society members play physical sports like basketball, volleyball and badminton. For this year’s event, each participant will be able to show their competitiveness and feel the excitement even if they are just inside their homes. All they need is just their PC or mobile device, and internet connection.


This event will feature online Carnival games such as Kahoot,, Codenames, Emoji Quiz, Secret Hitler, and many more, and one of the famous FPS games in the eSports (or electronic sports) industry, Valorant. These types of games are very trendy for today’s generation so members will surely have fun! To boost the excitement, prizes will be given to the winning teams.


Learning online has been a struggle for the majority. Sports Week reminds the members to find time to relax and have fun after a day-long of studying their modules and attending classes.


Registration form for Ateneo Mathematics Society members will be posted on Monday, April 26, 2021, and open until Saturday, May 1, 2021 on the Ateneo Mathematics Society 2020-2021 Facebook group.