ASTRID: Personalized Leather Items to Achieve That Minimalist Look

Astrid Cover v2

Nowadays, the key to style is to keep it simple. Classic pieces that aren’t too loud give off that cool and “woke up like this” look that many people try to achieve. Season after season, we see a growing collection of minimalist fashion for men and women alike. Though achieving that look may seem challenging, there are actually many everyday accessories that you can get to land that minimalist aesthetic.

One of the best ways is to partner the soft neutral palettes on your clothing with timeless leather accessories. Right now, my go-to brand for high quality leather accessories is Astrid Leather. They offer leather items that give just the right POP of texture to any outfit. Plus, they let you personalize them!

Here are some of Astrid’s minimalist leather items that you can personalize:

5. Carl Card Holder

Price: Php500

Do you ever feel ashamed when you have to pay for something with your credit card and you bring out an old and worn-out photo album-looking card holder? I can certainly say I’ve felt that before. Well, give yourself some respect and get rid of that ancient thing!

Astrid Leather 20 2

Astrid Leather offers the Carl Card Holder — it’s simple yet versatile.

Astrid Leather 5

Plus points, you can even get your name on it.

The standard card holder has 2 slots which can fit 6 cards on each slot. If you’re the type who has a lot of rewards cards, then you can get the expanded version that fits up to 8 cards on each slot. Getting this will instantly make you look more than your actual net worth.

Passport Holder

Price: Php899

Do you ever see those hotshot Instagram posts where they snap a photo of their passport while sitting on an airplane? Well, you may not have noticed; but those passport photos with the 100+ likes usually have one thing in common: a stylish passport holder. I’m sure I do not only speak for myself when I say that I have experienced having to rummage through the bottom of my bag looking for my boarding pass and my passport as I slowly approached the boarding gate. Well, maybe it’s time that you get organized in style.

Astrid Leather 13

Astrid’s passport holder has 2 flaps. The left part of the flap is for your boarding pass, cards and IDs while the right part of the flap is for your passport.

Astrid Leather 14

Fashionably navigate the foreign streets of Europe, Asia, or wherever with ease.

TIN Envelope Clutch

Price: Php680

Sometimes when I’m out doing errands, it feels awkward to bring one whole bag when I know that the only things I need to bring with me are my cash and my phone. I often just put my things in my pockets or carry them around the whole time. When I discovered that Astrid has these incredibly sleek and stylish envelope clutches, I knew I just had to get my hands on one.

Astrid Leather 18

It’s the perfect size for me. Now I don’t need to bring a heavy bag when I only need something to put my small everyday items in. Plus, they match any outfit I need to wear when I’m on the go!

Astrid Leather 19

The Tin Envelope Clutch can also fit other items like chargers or your sunnies.

Cord Clips

Price: Php350 for a set of 5

One of my simple joys is organizing things. A clean and decluttered life is a happy life. If you have the same mindset as me, then you’ll love Astrid Leather’s colorful cord clips. A lot of the time, my USB cords tend to get entangled with my earphones and I just find myself so frustrated trying to get them out of the knotted mess. That is why these cord clips are my FAVORITE of all of the Astrid Leather items on this list because they make my life so much easier. They’re also super cute.

Astrid Leather 11 1

If you know anyone who still uses rubber bands to organize their cords, do them a favor and buy them a cord clip!

Astrid Leather 10

In addition to being functional, you can also get these personalized! They make for amazing gifts.

Gadget Clutch

Price: Php1,299

Can you recall a time when you were travelling and you hurriedly searched the pockets of your bag to look for your power bank, phone, or wallet? Doesn’t it get annoying when you realize they’re not where your hands were searching? I feel you. Fortunately, Astrid Leather has a Gadget Clutch that is perfect for all of your organizing needs. You can fit your phones and your chargers into it, and it even has three garterized holders for your cords. Now you don’t need to search your entire bag just to look for your things!

Astrid Leather 1

The gadget clutch comes in 12 leather options, so you can choose your favorite shades to match your outfits.

Astrid Leather 2

For the girls, you can also put your makeup in here! Feel free to stuff it with your lip tints, powder, moisturizer, and more.

These are just some of the sleek and stylish leather items you can get from Astrid Leather to accentuate your minimalist wardrobe. Moreover, these locally made products are hand crafted from carefully selected genuine leather, so you can be assured of its quality and functionality for everyday use. What are you waiting for? Get in style with Astrid Leather.

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