Asteria Villa: A Romantic Bali-Inspired Private Resort Just an Hour Away From Manila

While you’re waiting for that dream trip to Bali with your significant other or that luxurious tropical paradise experience with your friends or family, you might want to spend a night or two at this newly opened private villa located just an hour north of Manila.

Asteria Villa in Pandi, Bulacan is a private resort that will give you a slice of the private luxury life without having to spend thousands on a plane ticket. With its super close location to the city, it’s perfect for your quick weekend escapades!

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The villa is tucked inside another private resort (La Casa Raymundo) which is also family-owned. But don’t worry about privacy because Asteria Villa is designed to make you feel like you are the only ones in paradise, and that’s because of the high walls and private gate of the villa.

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Going past Asteria Villa’s wooden gate, we were ushered in into a gorgeous space with an al fresco dining area, a stylish lounge area, and an outdoor kitchen that looked like it came out of a Pinterest board. Everything was just beautiful.

Asteria Villa’s biggest amenity was also right there to easily grab your attention: their private pool. The gorgeous pool might not be big enough for laps, but it’s definitely deep enough to do more than just wade in the water. I personally think that the pool’s size was just right considering the maximum capacity of the villa (6 people).

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In one corner of the pool, there’s also a mini gazebo where you can either enjoy morning yoga sessions or request a romantic dinner set up for special occasions.

The villa itself was yet another work of art. It has the main area where a gorgeous King-sized canopy bed is (literally) the centerpiece, and there’s also another spacious bedroom that can accommodate up to 4 guests.

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What I loved about the main bedroom—aside from the gorgeous canopy design and super comfy bed—is that there were lots of simple design choices that made our stay a lot more convenient. There were lots of sockets located on either side of the bed’s headboard, there was a mini nightstand on either side for easy access to our important items, and the massive TV in the corner just swivels around to give you a great view of the show no matter where you sit.

Asteria Villa wasn’t just designed to look pretty; it was designed with comfort and functionality in mind.

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Just when I thought that the private pool and stunning bedroom were already the highlights of this private resort, we stepped into the massive bathroom. I am not exaggerating when I say that the bathroom might be as big as my first apartment.

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The bathroom also leads out to a huge private tub where you can soak and relax until the wee hours of the night. The tub is so big that it can comfortably fit two people and still have enough space to move around. It’s honestly the perfect place to unwind after a whole week of work, especially since the tub comes with a tray for your glass of wine or favorite book.

While the villa comes with a fully-equipped kitchen complete with a stove, a microwave, a fridge, cookware, and dinnerware, Asteria Villa also offers sumptuous breakfast options for as low as PHP 250.

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With all the excellent amenities, beautiful interiors, and complete inclusions of Asteria Villa, what personally brings it all together is how well-made every corner of the property is. You won’t see any flimsy fixtures and it looks like it’s all made to last!

Did I mention that the bedframe is made out of concrete? And that their gorgeous pool features Bali-imported Sukabumi tiles?

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I love how even the smallest things were intentionally added and designed with comfort and function in mind, and I think that’s the biggest reason why Asteria Villa provides such a luxurious stay. It would easily be what your dream vacation house would look like!

For as low as PHP 9,000 per night, you can enjoy a luxe stay in paradise with just an hour-long drive out of Manila. With rates like these, ridiculously amazing amenities, and an overall excellent experience, Asteria Villa should be at the top of your weekend getaway bucket list.

Asteria Villa

8 Pag-Asa St, Pandi, Bulacan

Facebook: Asteria Villa
Instagram: @asteriavillpandi

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