Asa Butterfield and Mimi Keene Share Their Favorite Scenes From “Sex Education” Season 3

Have you watched season 3 of Sex Education yet? We got to interview Asa Butterfield (Otis) and Mimi Keene (Ruby) over Zoom and asked them what their favorite scenes were from this season. Here are their top picks:

Sex Education Season 3 1

Credit: Sam Taylor/Netflix

Asa shares that one of his favorite scenes being shot in this season was Episode 5 during the school trip. “It was flying feces and a very angry French man and Jim Howick, who plays Mr. Hendricks, being on absolute fire. And it was possibly one of the funniest days I’ve ever had on set despite it being absolutely freezing.” Mimi completely agrees. “It’s just so funny that we were doing it and it was taking quite a while because everybody just couldn’t stop laughing, but you’re right. It was so cold and we were outside. That made the day go by a lot quicker. I think that was probably my favorite. I’ve not laughed that much in a scene before, so I have to agree.”

Sex Education Season 3 2

Jon Hall/Netflix

As for their favorite episodes, Asa says he loves Episode 2, where Otis joins the Untouchables for the first time. “That was just so hilarious and unexpected,” he explains. And he also loves the aforementioned Episode 5 as an actor because it’s not at all what Otis has been like for the rest of the show. “Also, we were all together. It’s just nice to have the whole gang there the whole time because we don’t get much of that this season.” Mimi says she couldn’t pick one because she liked them all.

Sex Education Season 3 5

Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020

Asa also hopes that people will be very excited about Otis and Ruby this season, particularly the episode where they spend most of the episode together. “Those were some of my favorite scenes, actually,” he gushes. “It’s such an unexpected duo because they are pretty different as people and they really bring sides of each other out that we don’t really get to see anywhere else in the show. That’s always such a nice thing to explore.”

Sex Education Season 3 4

Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020

He also adds that he found the dressing montage hilarious and admits that the mustache that he dons early on in the show actually wasn’t real, but stuck on! “It had to be taken on and off at different parts of the day,” he shares. “At the end of the day, it was getting a bit crusty. It wasn’t that nice.”

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