These Artsy Womanly Mugs Are Handcrafted By Filipino Artisans

It’s Women’s Month and we’re here to showcase a brand that is all about celebrating feminism and womanhood: Peekaboob!

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Micah Haygood was an international flight attendant when she started this brand. When there were no flights for months; she wanted to be more creative and find new ways to spend her time, earn some money, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. That’s when Peekaboob came to life – Micah’s second quarantine passion project following Sleep Queen, her sleepwear brand.

Her inspiration? Appreciating the female form and the beauty in it. “Boobs can be big or small but still amazing, and they deserve to be celebrated for all the magic they can do,” she explains.

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Photo from Peekaboob

Micah admits that she was hesitant to create such a bold product (literally!) at first. “I was scared people would think it’s weird,” she shares, “but I’m surprised to get a huge amount of support and love from women (and men) around the country.”

Although Micah was heartbroken because of her job during the pandemic, she is now really proud to have created a product that sells out fast and that people are willing to wait for an entire month to receive. “Most of the time, my products are on a pre-order basis because we do small batches to make sure we ship out good quality products,” Micah explains.

Peekaboob isn’t just about the twins, either. They also create mugs of the lower body. Either way, they are all designed by Micah, handcrafted by Filipino artisans, and serve as a celebration of feminism, breastfeeding, and the female body. If not for yourself, they’re the perfect gifts to show your love for a special someone in your life or just for fun to make someone giggle.

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Photo from Peekaboob

The cute designs aside, these mugs also look ultra-chic. They use colors like plain white and tan as the base, and then add colorful nipples and speckles to provide a simple yet fun look.

Peekaboob delivers nationwide, so you can get your hands on these unique products anytime. You might have to wait because of the waiting list; but it is well worth it to get your hands on their chic, cute, and unique products. Watch out for their new collection coming soon, as well!



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