Art of War Wrestling: Genesis – Wrestling Enters the Valkyrie


The Filipino Dragon struggles to break free!

Desolation (Ali “The Filipino Dragon” Mina & “The Asian Nightmare” Ken Cifer) vs. Society Rejects (John McQueen & Brandon Ward)

It was a fairly even contest with both teams showcasing their stuff to the AOWW crowd. The Rejects stole the victory after a pin out of nowhere. McQueen and Ward tried to beat down on Desolation, but the masked tag team fought back and chased the Rejects out of the ring.

Hybrid pins The Godkiller

The Godkiller with an impressive suplex on Hybrid

“The Godkiller” Dabid Ravena vs. Hybrid (w/ Rogue)

Rogue introduced the crowd to her client, “Hybrid”. This match was very hard hitting and featured Hybrid delivering a hard chest slap that was heard across Valkyrie. Hybrid also pulled off an impressive German Suplex on his opponent. Ravena would not be outclassed as he delivered a Tres Amigos (triple vertical suplex combo) on Hybrid. The Godkiller won via disqualification after Rogue entered the ring and assaulted him.

Rogue and Hybrid taunt Ravena

Rogue meets Project Z

After the match, Rogue called out anyone at the back to face her. A girl named Project Z answered the call and both women fought it out in the ring. Hybrid and Rogue retreated after Hybrid pulled the self-proclaimed Queen of Philippine wrestling away from Project Z.

Nuke bodyslams Bryan Leo

The fight spills outside

For the AOWW Heavyweight Title: “Classical” Bryan Leo vs Pete “The Nuke” Baldo

This title match was Leo’s first match since May 2016. Bryan Leo showed his technical prowess against Nuke. Nuke fought back with some hard hitting offense and sent the fight outside. The two men had a chest slap exchange outside, but disaster struck for one audience member. Nuke sent Leo flying towards former URCC champ Vicente Pajaro.

Bryan Leo begs off

Bryan Leo prepares Nuke for the Royal Flushdown

Both men returned to the ring where Nuke had a firm hold of the match in the closing minutes. Nuke set Leo up for a spear but he speared the referee instead. Nuke pinned Leo, but the referee was down. Bryan Leo was assisted by Mr. Pajaro, who attacked Nuke while the ref was down. Bryan Leo got the win after delivering the Royal Flushdown on Nuke for the 1-2-3.

Bryan Leo with the belt

Bryan Leo was crowned as the inaugural AOWW Heavyweight Champion. Leo went on the mic and said that he started a revolution with a couple of friends only to have the dream taken away. However, now, it’s time for an “Evolution” and he’s ready to usher in the “Philippine Wrestling Resurrection”.

Former  ECW Wrestler Chilly Willy

All in all, I had a blast watching wrestling inside a night club. The only wish I want for the next event is a better ring that can showcase their talented young roster a bit better. Aside from that, AOWW Genesis was very enjoyable. I do recommend you guys to check out their next show to see where this new group takes the local pro wrestling scene. Finally I’d like to thank the people of AOWW for inviting us to their very first event.

Pictures by: Jonathan Guillermo

Quick Results

Tempest 730 d. High Proof

Starling d. Silent D

“The Machine” Mavericc Knight d. Rex “The Flex” Go

The Society Rejects d. Desolation

“The Godkiller” David Ravena d. Hybrid

“Classical” Bryan Leo d. Nuke to win the AOW Heavyweight Championship


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